Genesee County Road Commission

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Genesee County in Michigan, excluding the city of Flint.

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  • Mcclelland Rd Holly, MI 48442, USA - Oakland County
    Dark intersection. Increase in traffic turning causes a need for a corner or blinking light.
  • 223-299 S Leroy St Fenton, MI 48430, USA - Fenton
    Signage alerting drivers to paddler carrying canoes and kayaks across the street. They can't paddle over the dam - they must walk in traffic. Perhaps stripes on the pavement indicating crosswalk.
  • 11927-12141 N Holly Rd Holly, MI 48442, USA - Oakland County
    North bound Holly Rd is falling apart, just before Belford Road. Large pieces of the road are coming from the center of the lane (not at the edges like most pot holes). These large pieces of the road pulled of the skid plate on my car today
  • Clio Rd clio , mi - Genesee County
    clio road is rough
  • Vienna Rd Clio, MI - Genesee County
    There is a right turn lane at Lewis, Bray and Center Rds and every time I go to turn left someone passes me on the right. I don't think they are paying attention to what the signs say. I think the signs need to be more noticeable, like flashing or bigger and red. I am afraid that there is going to be a bad accident at one of these roads. Somethinf need to be done.
  • 5481 W Lake Rd Clio, MI - Genesee County
    Lake Rd, between Dixie Hwy and Jennings Rd, is nothing more than a washboard! In desperate need of being fixed, no more patching!!
  • Dodge Rd & Clio Rd Gen Co, MI - Burton
    Intersection is in such bad shape that somebody is going to be hurt.
  • 12120 Vienna Rd Montrose, MI - Genesee County
    In the westbound lane of M-57 there is a HUGE pothole that spans almost the whole lane. It is deep and wide and dangerous!
  • Perry Rd. Bridge Grand Blanc/ Genesee, MI - Grand Blanc
    When will the Bridge be finished on Perry Rd. and open for traffic?
  • 14282 Swanee Beach Flint, MI - Lake Fenton
  • S Duffield Rd Byron, MI - Genesee County
    Argentine, Byron, Bancroft area of the Shiawassee river needs ChainSaw Cleanup of Downed Trees (aka deadfall) to improve navigability of the river. - EcoTourism is huge as gas prices rise and paddlesports grow rapidly in the region.
  • 1480 Lyle St Burton, MI - Burton
    This street light is constantly going out and then right back on. Or it will go out for for some time and come back on. It has been doing this for months and there have been no power issues at the time the light goes out.
    My neighbor has called about this several times over the months. This on and off is probably the light ballast and will burn out bulbs excessively and cost more money. Replace the light fixture please.