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  • 4761 Thisbe St North Port, FL 34286, USA - North Port
    The City came out this morning and took care of the problem.....NOT!! Something needs to be done about this. Myself and the neighbors have contacted the City now 3 or 4 times and there solution was to cut a couple palms down. We have also contact NPPD and they have yet to contact us residents back regarding this issue. Kids and parents are almost hit by cars daily at this intersection and yet no one wants to do anything about it. This is completely unacceptable! Are you going to wait until someone is hit by a car to do something about it? Please help!
  • 5588 Reisterstown Rd North Port, FL, 34291, USA - North Port
    I am curious when the city is going to do something about the ATVers riding around in the Estates. It has become a situation where they have turned much of the unbuilt areas into their own private ATV riding park. I am not interested in hearing from locals how there is no place else to ride, or people should just be allowed to have fun, or this is the way is has always been, because there are no excuses for breaking the law. These people are not only destroying city property, but they are destroying private property as well. They race up and down the roads at all hours of the day and night, they leave behind trash, destroy the roads, cause erosion, destroy foliage, disturb and destroy Gopher Tortoise holes, and are a general nuisance to those that have homes here. We can't even ride our horses in the area without having to deal with worrying about an ATVer racing up and scaring the horses. It concerns me that the city is not taking this situation seriously.
  • 4139 Twinbush Ter North Port, FL, 34286, USA - North Port
    I reported this 5/28/21 your case # 21-00002333. I just checked the status and see that the owner said the vehicle is parked in the driveway every night and my complaint is not warranted. The attached photo was taken this evening but the vehicle has been parked there all along. If you need to call me I can be reached at 774-329-4740. Thank you
  • 5061 Kingsley Rd North Port, FL, 34287, USA - North Port
    5061 Kingsley rd is being used as a used car lot. As of Sunday 5/09/21 there was about 11 cars in the yard without plates. Gates were open so people can come in to check them out. The occupant of the house says he has a car dealers license (from out of state) so he is covered. There is a tall white fence surrounding the property to try to hide what he is doing. Please help.
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    8130 Porto Chico Ave North Port, FL 34287, USA - North Port
    we have no water, just a very, very thin stream, no pressure. Want to know why but can't get a touch with the Water Utility company.
  • 5111 Richmond Ter North Port, Florida, 34287 - North Port
    The property is completely overgrown, habing not been maintained since August 2022. There is also a collapsed radio antenna in the rear yard.
  • 5975 Spearman Cir North Port FL 34287, United States - North Port
    Someone is living in this abandoned house. This house has been deemed uninhabitable. It has been abandoned and insecure since before 2009. Somehow they got the electric turned on. There are over $20,000 in liens on this property that I'm sure have not been paid. With the electric on it has now become a fire hazard and we live right next door. This needs to be investigated and secured
  • Hennessy St North Port, FL 34291, USA - North Port
    ATVs racing up and down Hennessy.
  • Construction Site Acknowledged
    3539 Donahue Ave North Port, FL, 34288, USA - North Port
    Bright Homes has left debris, broken bricks, and trash now for months on this site. They just got a dumpster last month but still aren’t utilizing it. The site is a safety hazard - especially with a potential hurricane coming. They need to clean it ASAP.
  • 3468 Colfax Ln North Port, FL 34286, USA - North Port
    The underground utility company stacked sod on a pallet here several months ago. It is now overgrown and has started to grow into the road so much the cones are being grown over. It is an eyesore and is becoming a hazard.
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    8055 Dorothy Ave North Port FL 34287, United States - North Port
    Speeding along Dorothy Ave to Eager St both directions Drivers come off Biscayne connect to Eager to avoid traffic light at 41 So dangerous How about the fatal accident last Sunday???
  • 4108 Abbotsford St North Port, Florida, 34287 - North Port
    Trying to help a neighbor who's tree came down during Ian hurricane. She has already paid out $3,000 to remove limbs and the tree removal company told her they could not remove any more after they told her they could for the price quoted.