SEUNA - Southeast University Neighbhorhood Association

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Southeast University Neighborhood Association, Syracuse, NY

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  • 870 Lancaster Ave. Syracuse, NY - University
    The renters living on this property are extremely loud and play/practice really loud music at odd hours, including midnight. I hope the landlord of the property on 870 Lancaster Ave. reads this and makes some intervention since I don't know how else to reach him/her!
  • 1240 Westcott St Syracuse, NY 13210, USA - University
    The complete street of Westcott Street is in horrible shape accross from Barry Park.
  • Dakota St 202 Syracuse, New York - University
    please fix this intersection and adjaent sidewalks.
  • 365 Clarendon St Syracuse, NY 13210 - Wescott
    The sidewalk right around here is very uneven – just enough to cause a pretty good tripping hazard.
  • 1013 Lancaster Ave. Syracuse, NY - University
    Not sure the number of tenants at this address, but occupancy ranges from one to six and often times more. I have called and filed numerous noise complaints and this morning, as well as yesterday, they were driving an ATV (quad runner) around the backyard. The exhaust and noise is annoying and disruptive. I called about the activity, and it is apparently legal in city limits to ride an ATV on your property? Their front porch is packed with garbage bags stacked three feet high. This landlord has indiscriminately rented to tenants without concern for the neighborhood or immediate neighbors. This is the fourth year or round of tenants that have been horrible.
  • Euclid Avenue - Syracuse
    Issues while biking on the road. Sometimes student try to avoid it by circumnavigating but forget that there is traffic behind them
  • 863 Ostrom Avenue Syracuse, NY - University
    Blacktop was installed over the sidewalk at the N/E of Ostrom and Stratford. The sidewalk was marked in white by the City, but they never followed up and compelled the owner to comply with the ordinance.
  • 13926 Maryland Ave. Syracuse, NY 13210, USA - University
    This property has been a neglected rental for years. Recently "new owners" have been doing repairs inside (no building permit that I've seen) and we became suspicious when we found out that an offer was accepted in December but the closing has yet to take place. They are showing it for rental. There are zero parking spaces. Didn't the law pass requiring new owners to have the same number of parking spaces as tenants? I think perhaps they are trying to rent it before closing and somehow get grandfathered in. I have called the zoning department but have not heard back from them.
  • 868 Lancaster Ave Syracuse, NY 13210, USA - University
    Tripped and fell at sidewalk next to 877 Lancaster Avenue. Sidewalk must be replaced!
  • 952 Ackerman Ave. - University
    2 light fitures on poles are out at 952 & 960 ackerman - bulb or sensor?
  • 139 Westminster Ave Syracuse, NY 13210, USA - University
    The stop sign is missing at the top of Maryland where it meets Westminster.
  • 1001 Westmoreland & Montana (Se Corner) - University
    Stop sign has been vandalized with graffiti and is unreadable/unreflective.