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  • Traffic Engineering Acknowledged
    389 Forest Ave Portland, ME, 04101, USA - Portland
    The lane indicators on Preble Street (as it crosses Forest Avenue) have worn off and need to be repainted — and/or, we need a sign indicating which lane to be in if you're going straight through to Falmouth. Saw a near-accident there when cars in both the right and left lane tried to go straight at the light.
  • Pothole Acknowledged
    895 Brighton Ave Portland, ME, 04102, USA - Portland
    Potholes left in the road on 10/20/2021 are unacceptable. Heading in the direction from Portland to Westbrook, there are huge potholes in both lanes that you can’t see because there are no street lights. The construction here has been unbelievable and the roads are in horrible condition. Can the current potholes be fixed immediately and can someone from the city contact the construction company?
  • Traffic Engineering Acknowledged
    Deerfield Rd Portland, ME, 04101, USA - Portland


    I live on Deerfield Road. Ever since the traffic patterns on Prebble Street near Baxter Boulevard have been changed to eliminate a lane in order to add a bike lane, drivers have no idea where to be in this area. Turning right onto Grasmere Road from Prebble leading to Deerfield Road has become very dangerous all of a sudden and I have had many near misses as people race to get to the right hand lane to turn onto Rt 302. Without any signage or painting of the bike lane, this has become a hazard.

  • Repair Street Light Acknowledged
    17 Freeman St Portland, ME, 04103, USA - Portland
    Street light on Freeman St broken. Pole 2/J2? not sure. it’s the one in front of 17 freeman st building.
    Please fix soon! thank you.
  • Traffic Engineering Acknowledged
    59 Baxter Blvd Portland, ME 04101, USA - Portland
    if Baxter boulevard is going to be closed then right turn lane should also be closed to prevent last minute lane changes at the light.