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  • 21 Salem St Newark NJ 07106, United States - Upper Vailsburg
    The last time I posted I was told that I didn't call the non emergency number. I called twice now for 16,18, 21 and 27 Salem. All properties which are abandoned and private owned. I have video footage of me making the call reporting the 24 hour 7 day a week drug, gang and prostitution. I also have footage of the police showing up shortly after the call and either not stopping to say a word and some just ride through. I further went to the station to express my concerns for the daycare babies I have to keep safe daily. Not one of the people who are outside live on this block and I am now learning that this is not a crime for them to just come and sit wherever they please. From an officers mouth, there isn't much they can do if they are not committing a crime They have broken into each of these homes and now they are all trap house.s They urinate and perform sexually acts in our yards and this is also oka. I often wonder how the City officials and NPD rest at night I supposed peacefully because this doesn't happen where you all live. So my question is, if NPD isn't the one who can help, who exactly do we call? Those are the people I would love to speak with who can rea, view my videos, and listen tod my 5 years of complaints Please advise ,
  • 284 Aldine St Newark, NJ 07112, USA - Weequahic
    this property is a mess. not sure if it's abandoned or not. tall grass, garbage & definitely needs attention ASAP
    it looks like the top window is broken & roof damage
  • 1-79 Scheerer Ave Newark, NJ, 07112, USA - Weequahic
    Broken garage door full with debris fire hazard illegal basement apartment use as a crack house
  • 10 Fortuna St Newark, NJ 07106, USA - Lower Vailsburg
    Bags of garbage, broken bottles, food remnants (chicken bones) in the front of this house, on the sidewalk, thrown into the neighbors yard, etc. The visitors of the resident who occupies the basement (not a legal apt as this is a 1 family house) dump their trash in front of the neighbors house.
  • Other Archived
    38 Abbotsford Ave Newark NJ 07106, United States - Lower Vailsburg
    Broken sidewalk fall potential -
  • Oraton Pkwy Newark NJ 07106, United States - Upper Vailsburg
    Need new lightbulbs. The polls
  • Mildred Helms Park 534-544 Clinton Ave, Newark, NJ 07108, USA - Upper Clinton Hill
    Light pole #4540 in Mildred Helms Park is broken and not working.
  • 124 Oakland Ter Newark, New Jersey, 07106 - Lower Vailsburg
    No parking sign broken creating a hazard as a piece of the metal pole remains and exposed.
  • 31 Cleveland Ave Newark, New Jersey, 07106 - Upper Vailsburg
    Street cleaning sign has been taken down and need to be put back up. Constituents on the block are getting tickets because they do not see the sign due to it being broken. Feel free to contact Mrs. Stewart at (908-477-4230).
  • 507 Sanford Ave Newark, NJ 07106, USA - Lower Vailsburg
    broken glass bottles all over the street near the sewer drainage. issue was reported to local police dept. broken glass still all over
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    112 Tremont Ave Newark NJ 07106, United States - Upper Vailsburg

    Broken traffics light

    Location: Corners of Tremont & Cedar.

  • 22 Pine Grove Ter Newark, New Jersey, 07106 - Upper Vailsburg
    Constituent states that there is an abandoned property that is open and unsecure. People are dumping garbage and broken furniture and appliance parts in the yard. Also states that there are sometimes squatters on the porch and seen going inside. She is requesting that the property be boarded up.