City of Oakland Bicycle Facilities Issues

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  • 398 60th St Oakland, CA, 94618, USA - Fairview Park
    The addition of Colby as a slow street has made such an improvement in our neighborhood. We feel safe teaching our kids to ride their bikes in the street and it is incredible to see how many teens and adults are using the street for exercise (sitting on our stoop any given day we see at least 20 people pass every hour jogging, biking, walking their dogs and pushing strollers). Overall, traffic in the area seems less frantic with people driving more slowly on the side streets. This has been a such a positive change for our neighborhood, please do not take this away.
  • 9006 Broadway Terr Oakland CA 94611, United States - Glen Highlands
    There are numerous potholes on Broadway Terrace around 9006 BWT. I hit one of them on my bike and flipped over and broke my collarbone and a rib. My neighbor also fell off his bike in the same area. Please fix the road to prevent more accidents and auto damage.
  • Thornhill Dr Oakland, CA, 94611, USA - Merriwood

    Nearly everyone driving on Thornhill, especially above Pinehaven/Woodhaven speeds well above the 25 mph speed limit. Speeding is a problem basically once you pass the Thornhill School, all the way up the hill. There's something about the road that make people feel the need to drive fast, even though it is narrow, windy, and heavily populated. We very intentionally drive 25 mph and are tailgated every time by impatient drivers.

    We live right on Thornhill and it's very easy to tell the difference between a car traveling the speed limit and car going above the speed limit. It's extremely dangerous on a road with no sidewalks but that is regularly used by people to walk and bike. We've lived on this stretch of Thornhill for 7 months and have observed/experienced the following in that short amount of time:
    - A (likely speeding) driver hit a deer in front of our house two nights ago, did not stop or report it
    - A driver coming downhill around the curve between Heather Ridge and Pinehaven/Woodhaven flipped their car after hitting a retaining wall (November 2021)
    - We have been passed on the left by cars coming downhill while stopped at our vehicle at the stop sign at the Thornhill-Pinehaven intersection. We have also observed other cars being passed in a similar way at this intersection while we are out walking
    - Numerous cars traveling on Thornhill in either direction simply do not stop at the Thornhill-Pinehaven 4-way stop. We see this daily while out walking
    - While driving uphill on Thornhill near Gouldin at night last month, we nearly had a head-on collision with a speeding car traveling downhill that crossed the double yellow to pass another car driving downhill.
    - While walking our dog on Thornhill, the majority of cars pass us very closely and do not decrease their speed.

    One other thing to note: there are no speed limit signs on Thornhill in the uphill direction after the Thornhill school. Not sure how effective these would be, but it does seem like an oversight not to have more signs.

    With the speeds that people are traveling, someone is going to get killed - it's only a matter of time. We think there need to be a variety of traffic calming interventions on the entire stretch of Thornhill to make the street safer for everyone. Walking/biking to school very much seems like part of the culture in this neighborhood and yet the behavior of people driving cars is terrifying.

  • Forest St & Shafter Ave Oakland, CA, 94618, USA - Shafter
    There is a very large and deep pothole here - perhaps 4 ft x 3 ft and 3 inches deep. It's unsafe because it occurs at the intersection of two key bicycle routes. Cars often swerve to avoid the pothole, thereby endangering cyclists. Also, it is impossible to bike over, so cyclists must often enter the opposite lane (and thereby deal with oncoming traffic) if there are parked cars that reduce the road available to cyclists.
  • 3000 Market St Emeryville, CA, 94608, USA - Hoover-Foster
  • 511 Forest St Oakland CA 94618, United States - Rockridge
    3 wide potholes on Forest Ave directly in front of my house, 511 Forest Street. There are several more potholes, in front of 507 and 514 as well. All along Forest street, between Claremont and Oak Grove. I ride my bike, and I jury or tire damage is likely to occur if street does not get fixed.Thanks
  • Snow Park 250 19th St, Oakland, CA, 94612, USA - Lakeside
    There are new tents and garbage being added every day. There are now more than 2 dozen tents in the park and garbage strewn from one end to the other. It is a huge health hazard for both the people living in the tents and nearby neighbors due to the garbage and rats that are now abundant. A couple of the homeless residents are accumulating bikes and hanging heavy items and tents on trees that were already being shored up by wires. One resident set a palm tree on fire recently from a bbq and then abandoned their burnt out encampment afterward. There are open fires every day under the trees as well. What will it take to get the city to get this under control? It is one thing to have tents, another to let people throw garbage everywhere. The park is supposed to be for everyone and yet encampments are left to expand with no oversight.
  • Grand Ave Oakland, CA, 94610, USA - Adams Point
    This is one of appropriately a dozen vehicles parked illegally in the bike lane on Grand. This is a busy area for cyclists, and creates a hazard as they must enter a tightly congested traffic area.
    On weekends people park here all day without any worries that the city will enforce its basic traffic laws.
    Why does Oakland allow this?
    Please ticket, and if necessary, tow.
    Wanting to enjoy the park (and putting up unpermitted untaxed businesses) on the weekends should not be an excuse for creating a safety hazard.
  • 5923 Colby St Oakland, CA, 94618, USA - Fairview Park

    You did a great job with the Slow Streets during the ongoing pandemic (we are now in a surge of the most contagious form of Covid-19, of course). Please don't take away Colby's status as a Slow Street.

    You know the statistics, and that there is a petition, and that many people in our neighborhood want Colby to remain a gentle, slow place where people can walk and kids can ride bikes, and cars move slowly and no one has to worry about getting crunched or smacked by a speeding vehicle.

    I live on Colby and the Slow Street street status has been a game changer. I have a 6-year-old and a friendly dog, and the thought of our street becoming a whizzing thoroughfare again makes me want to pick up a sign and stand in front of your offices. It's really hard to improve a constituent's quality of life and then take it away. Don't do that.

    Please, please, please make the designation permanent.

    Andrew Ulmer

  • Other City Services Acknowledged
    704 Broadway Oakland, California, 94607 - Chinatown
    My electric bike was stolen from my garage last night in the morning. Please be on the look out and confiscate it and alert me if found
  • 5421 Shafter Ave Oakland, CA, 94618, USA - Shafter
    PLEASE PLEASE keep Shafter as a Slow Street! Shafter used to be a racetrack with cars speeding at 40mph+ to cut through from highway 24 traffic. A street survey years ago counted 2,000 cars a day at the corner of Shafter and Hudson, in this dense residential neighborhood. The Slow Streets have made Shafter safe for cyclists, including little kids learning to ride bikes, and pedestrians and dog walkers. PLEASE keep Shafter as a Slow Street!
  • 6445 Colby St Oakland, CA, 94618, USA - Fairview Park

    My street, the northernmost block of Colby St., has been a slow street during the ongoing pandemic. It has made traveling, recreating and living here safer and more conducive to good neighbor-ing.

    Our street used to be used as a pass-through for cars avoiding the intersection of Alcatraz and Telegraph. They sped through, hundreds of cars per day. They created an unsafe space and kept people from using our street for bikes, pedestrians, children and open space during the ongoing pandemic.

    Please do not make our street dangerous again. Please do not let cars determine the nature of our neighborhoods. Please do not destroy the neighborly-ness we have seen grow on our street. Please continue to provide safe space for everyone during the ongoing pandemic.

    There is no reason for our streets to defer to cars. Let's keep them safe and good for everyone.

    Our street is used by folks from all over Oakland. We know this because we often strike up conversations with people that are walking past our houses, and have truly pleasant interchanges with them.

    We know this because we had the largest number of trick-or-treaters in 2020 than we have had since 1994 when I moved here. When we spoke to the parents of the trick-or-treaters they told us they came from all over Oakland because of the the safety of our street with far fewer cars.

    Our neighborhood loves the increased numbers of bicyclists, walkers, trick-or-treaters, etc. that the slow street has brought to us.

    Keep Oakland beautiful by keeping our neighborhoods safe. Do not destroy one of the best things Oakland has done for us residents.