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  • Housing Issues Acknowledged
    164 North Street Stoneham, Massachusetts - Stoneham
    Residentional Neighborhood being treated like commercial site. This owner has been spoke to numerous times, last time by Mr. Doherty when he was the health inspector. Owner told Mr. Doherty he was using supplies to fix up the house. That was approx. 3 yrs ago. Why can he continue to get away with this? This man owns a successful business he should be able to rent a space. Would you want this in your neighborhood.
  • Main Street Stoneham, Massachusetts - Stoneham
    What is up with these two trailers? They have been trashing up our square for weeks!
  • Snow plowing. Archived
    Main Street Stoneham, Massachusetts - Stoneham

    With the upcoming snow season coming and Saturdays storm in particular, I have a question about snow plow enforcement.

    It is common practice for snowplows clearing driveways and parking lots to pile the snow on the sidewalks. This is very inconvenient at best, and very dangerous at worst. Not to mention against the law.

    Just with this last small storm a few weeks ago, the pizza shop and convenience store at the corner of Summer and Main Street pushed the snow and ice onto the sidewalk blocking it completely. the crossing guard along with the children have to stand in the street. Anybody walking that intersection had to cut through the parking lot or walk in the street.

    All along Main Street it's the same story. The Funeral Home and gas station at the corner of Gerry Street and Main do the same thing. Last year they blamed each other so no enforcement could be had.
    Ace Hardware routinely does the same thing. All around town private residence have plows do the same thing also.

    It seems there is no enforcement procedure in place to see this law is enforced.

    As residents, we have the right to have the sidewalks kept clear. I understand that at times the natural falling snow can not be cleared in a timely fashion, but the deliberate blocking of sidewalks is another matter.

    I would like to know what the procedure is for having this law enforced. What is the chain of command and who can be contacted to see that violators are stopped while they are doing it or fined after the fact.

    Thank you,
    Bill M.

  • 44 Oak Street Stoneham, Massachusetts - Stoneham
    Property sold late March 2017 to sub-contractor tied to large MWRA project in Stoneham. This is a single family home that has been turned into a "junk yard". The front lawn and rear of the house was leveled and gravel was added so that this business could store their large front loaders and other large trucks in the front of the property along with cement pipes of all sizes along with dumpsters.This neighborhood is not zoned for business and this is now an eye sore. Construction trucks coming and going all day. This needs to stop and the owner needs to get out! What do we do when this person is clearly in violation of the zoning laws in Stoneham??
  • 30 Avalon - Colonial Park School Stoneham, Massachusetts - Stoneham
    Back in August parts of the sidewalks were replaced, however if you see the photos below you can see the job has not been completed. As you know school is back in session, it would be great to get someone out ASAP to fill with dirt. It is all along the perimeter of the school grounds. Thank you!
  • Wright St Stoneham, Massachusetts - Stoneham
    Last winter it was terrible trying to walk my dog around the neighborhood, as very few people shoveled in front of their house. Now after yesterday's snow the sidewalks are already skating rinks. I called DPW today to inquire why residents have not been required to remove snow in front of there houses, as I believe it is a Massachusetts law. I was told on the phone that Stoneham does not enforce it. I would like to know why, and I would also like to see that changed. It's dangerous to have kids walking around on the street, and as we saw last winter, it can be a very long time until the sidewalks become available again. Every other town enforces this, so why doesn't Stoneham?
  • Washington Court Stoneham, Massachusetts - Stoneham

    Time to Clean up the Town of Stoneham

    Let's get together and clean up the Town of Stoneham. You drive around this town and there's trash, run down public areas and parked vehicles everywhere. We shure do not look as clean as our surrounding towns and our home sale prices reflect that. Let's get rid of these unregistered vehicles once and for all. Our Town Code spells it out that only one (1) Unregistered vehicle can be parked per property. Should be no big deal enforcing our Town Code by those having Jurisdiction.

    Stoneham Town Code Use Regulations 4.0 -; One (1) unregistered motor vehicle per lot; provided that it is not a commercial vehicle with a gross vehicle weight greater than seventeen thousand five hundred (17,500) pounds and that this provision shall not be applicable to any unregistered motor vehicle housed exclusively in a garage on the premises. (10-26-98, Art. 13)
    (e) Parking of a commercial vehicle with a registered gross vehicle weight of no greater than seventeen thousand five hundred (17,500) pounds. (10-26-98, Art. 13)

  • 41 Gould St Stoneham, MA 02180, USA - Stoneham
    Is there anyway that we could put in a blinking yellow light at the corner of Summer Street and Gould Street? Either that, or a stop sign? That intersection is extremely dangerous. I've seen many close calls. It's a blind intersection. Cars come around the corner very fast.
  • 15 Dale Ct Stoneham, Massachusetts - Stoneham
    It has come to my attention that the "No Dogs Allowed" sign has been removed at Recreation Park. With all the kids on the field during the week (Boys Club & Youth Sports) this is a Health Issue. One person slips in the mess from people not picking it up, falling, touching others and other things can certainly is a cause for concern with Health issues, not to mention slipping and breaking/spraining something.
    Please reinforce the "No dogs allowed".
    I certainly hope that this can be a cause for concern. Thank you.
  • 65 Washington Street Stoneham, Massachusetts - Stoneham
    Something has to be done about the speeding cars on Washington Street heading toward Elm Street. Vehicles coming over the rise @ Mt Vernon pick up speeds in my estimation over 60mph heading toward Elm. I beg the Town of Stoneham to curb the speeding problem before a young child or parent is killed. This is a path for children and parents to get to Pomworth Park or school. Washington Street sidewalks are only on one side which make it difficult to get to the park or school. Come on Town of Stoneham, put your foot down for the safety of our residents & neighbors. Thank You
  • Pine St. & Franklin St. Stoneham, Massachusetts - Stoneham
    Residents at the corner of Pine and Hancock Street are not only blocking the sidewalk, but have actually painted parking lot lines across the public sidewalk and are using it as a private parking space. This is a very busy intersection and cars coming down Pine street are on top of this spot before you can get out of the way if you are in the street.
  • St Patrick'S Stoneham, Massachusetts - Stoneham
    This has been an ongoing issue. Cars parked in front of the St Patrick's Church use the public sidewalk as a parking area completely blocking it. It has been reported before and a few weeks ago was even the subject of an article in the Stoneham Independent newspaper.
    This is located on the same street, one block away from the police station. Every Day cars line up on the full length of the sidewalk, causing pedestrians to step either into the street or into the driveway of Saint Patrick's. Today the driveway was also blocked with cars and a landscaping crew.
    I try to reason that the police cannot see every car that blocks a sidewalk in every corner of the town. But at this location, it's strictly a matter of choice that the police choose to ignore this safety issue.
    Town residents should not have to constantly post here or call the police station repeatedly to report this issue. If there is some other rationale for for putting pedestrians at risk with this illegal and dangerous behavior, please respond so residents know where they stand.