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  • Homeless Encampment Acknowledged
    1707 Wood St Oakland CA 94607, United States - Prescott Oakland Point
    Hoarder Jeff is creating a huge mess again The street is becoming blocked by his hoarding
  • 3320 Fruitvale Ave Oakland CA 94602, United States - Dimond
    The CVS parking lot on Fruitvale Avenue is nearly always blighted with litter. The community has tried for years to get CVS to have a regular, at least twice weekly, service to pick up the litter. But this has never happened. We request that the city cite and fine CVS until they have a regular, frequent service in place. Victoria Wake, Dimond Improvement Association
  • Birdsall Ave & Camden St Oakland, CA, 94619, USA - Maxwell Park
    Illegal crosswalks and words were painted on the street causing confusion for on coming cars and pedestrians / children atttempting to cross safely. This is a pedestrian and automotive safety hazard. Please paint over and return the street to its legal state.
  • 1000 42nd St Oakland, CA, 94608, USA - Longfellow
    The playground surface at Linden park, which is next to North Oakland Community Charter School, is so broken and damaged it is a SAFETY HAZARD for children. This needs to be fixed ASAP. The damage right now is:
    1. A tripping hazard
    2. A hazard for cuts and scrapes with the sharp edges created
    3. Small pieces of the material are lying around which kids can ingest and are toxic
    4. These areas collect water when it rains and do not have good drainage
  • 32nd St & Magnolia St Oakland, CA, 94608, USA - Clawson
    32nd street has become a hot spot for sideshows and speeding. On 2/25 at 2am, 14 shots were fired at this intersection from a speeding car, hitting all of the buildings around the intersection and several parked cars.
  • 2555 El Caminito Oakland, CA, 94611, USA - Piedmont Pines
    Something crashed into the guardrail and now the damaged guardrail is completely blocking the only safe pedestrian path on Mountain Blvd across from El Caminito. School children and families depend on this path being clear and safe so that they can walk to Joaquin Miller Elementary and Montera Middle School. Please clear the path and remove/replace the damaged guardrail before school starts in August. There are no other paths or sidewalks for children living off that section of Mountain Blvd to use to walk to school. Thank you
  • 1324 Adeline St Oakland, California, 94607 - Oak Center
    The intersection of 14th and Adeline streets is the location of multiple traffic collisions per month. Drivers routinely run red lights in all four directions, most typically on 14th St. Just today, a pickup truck t-boned an SUV carrying a family of three, then drove off towards the highway (on the wrong side of the road, no less). The family luckily suffered minor injuries, but their car was absolutely totaled. Aside from running red lights, drivers typically go way over the speed limit in this general area. What's more, the pedestrian signal crossing 14th St. is not in the "walk" position long enough to completely cross the street, unless someone is running. In a neighborhood with many very young, elderly, and disabled residents, this creates a multi-layered, dangerous situation. Some form of traffic calming is IMPERATIVE, and a review of the traffic signal timing would be well-advised.
  • 2666 Mountain Blvd Oakland, California, 94611 - Piedmont Pines
    A large tree branch fell from the top of this tree and broke SEVERAL more large branches on the way down. There are 6-8 large broken branches hanging over a walkway that is used for the entrance for our preschool. The branches are high up in the tree and could fall easily. We would so appreciate your help with making this area safe for children to transit to their school. Will post additional pictures in the comments.
    This tree is the main tree in the front entrance of the school that has a bench at the bottom of it.
  • Homeless Encampment Acknowledged
    1728 Wood St Oakland, California, 94607 - Prescott Oakland Point
    More homeless and now vans are establishing on Wood St. between 17th & 18th St. This must stop! It started with one little tent, now it's a new homeless community taking over the whole block with vans, cats and litter all over the place. My neighbors and I have been calling 311, OFD, OPD, etc. and nothing has been done!
  • Macarthur Blvd Oakland CA 94610, United States - Adams Point
    Disgusting decomposing objects hung on fence next to MacArthur
  • Sidewalk - Damage Acknowledged
    6300 Moraga Ave Oakland, California, 94611 - Montclair

    On Mountain Blvd next to the park, the sidewalk gets so narrow that you can't even pass someone going the other direction without one of you having to step off of the sidewalk. Then at the moment where the sidewalk is narrowest, there is a pay for parking kiosk that narrows it even further, making me really feel like a second class citizen as a pedestrian.

    And because I walk by that spot 4-5 times per week, I've seen a lot of uncomfortable interactions where someone has to flatten themselves against the wall to let a stroller pass, or someone has to walk around the parked cars on the curb just to pass another pedestrian.

    And the thing is, this isn't even necessary! The width of the road plus sidewalk is the same ~59 feet where the sidewalks are narrowest and where they're widest ~500 feet down the road in front of Rite Aid. Both sections of road (by the park and by Rite Aid) have parking on both sides of the street and one travel lane in each direction, but the width of just the road goes from ~35 feet to ~50 feet. Meaning the total width of the sidewalk on both sides of the street goes from ~24 feet to ~9 feet.

    Also it seems like it may be narrower than the 3ft required by the ADA where the parking kiosk exists, though I haven't measured it.

  • Joaquin Miller Ct & Mountain Blvd Oakland, CA, 94611, USA - Piedmont Pines
    The crosswalk needs repainting at Mountain Blvd where pedestrians like school children cross for the tunnel. The current striping is very faded, and totally invisible in the dappled shade. cars rarely slow down for pedestrians here. I would recommend adding ladder style striping at this location to make it more visible. Thank you.