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  • 6601 Rue Ct North Port, Florida, 34287 - North Port
    Furniture left on city property for over 3 weeks. Renters are habitual offenders regarding these situations
  • 5742 Espanola Ave North Port FL 34287, United States - North Port
    Erosion in back yards on Espanola Ave due to speeding boats on the Co co plum waterway Boats going back and forth at high speeds causing wakes Need a No Wake Zone It's a small waterway and speeding boats have been causing erosion ! !
  • 6355 Freemont St North Port, Florida, 34287 - North Port
    move in date dec 5th 10pm new renter. was not informed about unusual trash pick up. trash was not picked up for over two weeks. i was told that i would be given a one time curtsey pick up due to new resident and that in future reference i would get a guide in the mail and two yearly bulk pick ups. I tried to schedule my first bulk and was told i have used up my full year bulk due to that one time curtsey . I was lied to and treated unfairly. I was told to knock on neighbors and family doors and ask if they would be willing to give up thier bulk pick up for me. I do not have family or friends here. i was guided to put my trash out front for one time curtesy as i was unfamiliar with the trash pick up ways in north port. I was told i had two pick ups and now i find out i have none. I also come to find out that trash pick up has their own fiscal calendar. i am deeply regretful to move to this town. i have been contacting the governor the mayor anyone that could help me deal with this unethical treatment. not to mention trash provides one can and i am not able to buy my own. the monopoly allows me only to purchase an extra can at 150.00 this is a horrible way to handle tax paying citizens .
  • 14524-14542 Zogrobelny Way North Port, FL, 34287, USA - North Port
    Dumpster over filled, toxic material, insulation, is airborne
  • Other Archived
    6077 Abigail Ave North Port, FL 34287, USA - North Port
    Slade Canal banks collapsing waterway in danger of bank deterioration. Please give this attention and make it a priority to shore up bank befor it is lost.
  • 6164 Fabian Rd Venice, FL, 34287, USA - North Port
    Hazzardous debris from hurricanes Ian and Nicole in North Port tidal waterways.
  • 7978 Jeffery Ave North Port, Florida, 34287 - North Port
    Water meter cover missing from sidewalk-open hole.
  • 7161 Arab Ct Venice, FL, 34287, USA - North Port
    Garbage piled up covering sidewalk, water meter, falling onto road way, also in center of culdesac
  • 6399 Talbot St North Port, Florida, 34287 - North Port
    Tree in right of waterway
  • 14132 Tamiami Trail North Port, FL 34287, USA - North Port
    grass overgrown in drainage ditch & materials from IAN needs to be collected from roadside.
  • Street Light Acknowledged
    5616 Tuscola Blvd North Port FL 34287, United States - North Port
    Since the hurricane came through, 9/28/22, this light pole has been blocking access to anything past it for any bicyclists & scooters using the sidewalk as well as wheelchair bound citizens as the light pole is lying across the sidewalk Why has it not been moved parallel to the road so the sidewalk can be used by everyone? Please address this asap?
  • Other Acknowledged
    6077 Abigail Ave North Port, FL 34287, USA - North Port
    continuing to erode into canal system making hazards in waterway will report to swiftmud & FWC & Florida Department Environmental Protection along with DSL. Gov. Desantis office has been notified as well. Thank You this is not a home owner issue it is a Navigatable waterway issue involving town property.