Dekalb Highlands

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Dekalb Highlands Neighborhood -- Dunwoody

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  • 4801-4901 Kilt Court Dunwoody, Georgia - Dunwoody
    Need speed humps before stop sign on both sides. Drivers do not stop and speed through intersection going well above the speed limit. Extremely dangerous for pedestrians and children playing.
  • 4807-4823 Tilly Mill Road Dunwoody, Georgia - Dunwoody
    when turning right from Peeler Rd onto Tilly Mill there is a pot hole near the corner. It has been repaired before.
  • 4922 Heatherdale Lane Dunwoody GA 30360, USA - Dunwoody
    I live at 4922 Heatherdale Lane, Dunwoody GA. This street has been a cut through for people going to and returning from work for years. There are several blind spots and people speed through here during rush hours and also very late at night. We don't have sidewalks and many residents of my subdivision walk their children and pets throughout the day and early evening. I have seen many close calls and have even witness teenagers drag racing on Heatherdale Lane. This street should be on the top of the list for getting speed humps. All of my neighbors are in agreement even though it would be an inconvenience for us day to day. In the long run, It would definitely save lives from all the speeding through here. It would be nice to see a few patrol cars keeping track of speeding between the hours of 7-9am and 4-7 pm. This has been a concern for all of us for many years and I've lived in my current home for 23 years so I've seen this activity for a long time.
  • Sign Problem Archived
    2601-2607 Peeler Road Dunwoody, GA 30360, USA - Dunwoody

    Turning right onto Peeler at this intersection, there is a Yield sign. The presence of the sign makes very little sense and causes confusion.

    Some people turning right will actually stop and allow those turning left from the far side to have the right of way. Others will not. The people turning left, therefore, never know what to expect and are hesitant to turn. This causes both sides to sit and wait to see what the other will do, backing up traffic. Or it causes someone to jump out with expectations not shared by the other side.

    The Yield sign makes no sense and causes great confusion. I'd like the city to consider removing it or at least clarifying what is expected of drivers.

  • 2601-2607 Peeler Road Dunwoody, Georgia - Dunwoody
    There is a No Turn on Red sign at the intersection for those coming from Peeler wishing to turn right on Tilly Mill. It would be wonderful to have a green arrow right hand turn traffic signal while the traffic coming from the N. Peachtree intersection are turning left on Peeler rom Tilly Mill. I get that the field of view coming from Tilly Mill from PIB is limited but there is no reason to not let Peeler traffic turn right with a light while the Tilly Mill traffic turning left on Peeler are proceeding thru the intersection. With the improvements that have been made at N. Peachtree and Tilly Mill this improvement would only serve to further the smooth egress.
  • Peeler Rd At Tilly Mill Rd Dunwoody, Georgia - Dunwoody
    There is a pothole in the westbound lane of Peeler Rd just as you turn onto Tilly Mill Rd.
  • 2735-2777 Peeler Rd Dunwoody, GA 30360, USA - Dunwoody
    A number of these lights are out including a long continuous strip as you approach Winters Chapel.
  • 2173 Foxboro Lane Atlanta, GA 30360, USA - Dunwoody
    Re-pave new bike lane. Recently installed along the front of the new Trayton Homes. In front of 4968 Happy Hollow Rd. Several large holes in pavement with debris in them.
  • Tilly Mill Road & Peeler Rd Dunwoody, Georgia - Dunwoody

    We need to change this back to the summer light timing. Those of us who come down Peeler to access Tilly Mill are waiting longer than normal with zero cross traffic. This light need to change much quicker.

    This is going to cause massive backups next week when school is back in session.

  • 2498 Glenbonnie Drive Doraville, Georgia - Dunwoody
    When turning from Glenbonnie Drive onto Peeler Rd, the trees on the left-hand side going down Peeler Rd toward the reservoir block the view of oncoming traffic. Either homeowner or city needs to cut back the trees to avoid accidents due to limited sight.
  • 4857-4863 Happy Hollow Road Dunwoody, GA 30360, USA - Dunwoody
    Overgrown grass needs cutting
  • 2748-2758 Peeler Rd Dunwoody, GA 30360, USA - Dunwoody

    company replacing water line last week cut a square hole on the center of lane on Happy Hollow directly before Peeler.

    Hole is directly in line with a majority of people's tire tracks.