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Shawmont section of the 4th council district

Notified About

  • 1-41 Port Royal Ave Philadelphia, PA 19128, USA - Roxborough
    At the Schuylkill River Trail trailhead at Port Royal Avenue, construction debris has been dumped . This is just above the intersectoin of Port Royal with Nixon Street and River Road.
  • 536 Shawmont Ave Philadelphia, PA 19128, USA - Roxborough
    There is a pothole next to a clogged drain on the downhill side of Shawmont Ave., below Eva St. Also, vegetation blocks the sidewalk and bike lane. Bicyclists are especially at risk. There are more potholes across from Green Tree Run, next to a fire hydrant. Also, dense vegetation covers both sides of lower Shawmont, hiding the bike lanes down to Nixon St.
  • 7816 Nixon Street Philadelphia, Pennsylvania - Roxborough

    04/14/2014 The stop sign at the bottom of the new ramp for the Schuylkill River Trail is missing. This makes an already poorly-designed intersection even more dangerous; not that many cyclists paid any attention to the now missing stop sign.
    The intersection is at Shawmont Avenue and Nixon Street.

    Coincidentally the adjacent, extremely ugly and expensive “Great Wall of Shawmont” boondoggle has been covered with graffiti.

  • Tire chomper Archived
    379 Shawmont Ave Philadelphia, PA 19128 - Roxborough
    Deceptive-looking fissure on extreme right, almost over the white line.
  • 454 Shawmont Avenue Philadelphia, Pennsylvania - Roxborough
    04/14/2014 The bike lanes on Shawmont Avenue are again covered with debris, forcing cyclists into the travel lane.
  • Shawmont Ave Philadelphia, PA - Roxborough
  • 82-100 Shawmont Ave Philadelphia, PA 19128, USA - Roxborough
    For over a year, construction debris has been left on the side of southbound Shawmont Avenue, in the defacto bike lane. Also, there is no sidewalk so both pedestrians and bicyclists are dangered. At least the porta-potty is gone - No Sh*T!
  • 15 Shawmont Ave Philadelphia, PA 19128, USA - Roxborough
  • 3 River Rd Philadelphia, PA 19128 - Roxborough
    Due to the damaged road at Port Royal Ave. and Nixon st, a cyclist crashed after hitting the bumps. He had contusions to his right elbow and hip. The bumps had been reported to the Phila. Streets Dept. via their Operation Smooth Streets website. Maybe others need to report it too.
  • 7801 7899 Gettysburg Ave Philadelphia, PA - Roxborough
    Peco arrived yesterday & restored power
  • Port Royal Avenue And Nixon Street Philadelphia, PA - Roxborough
    09/13/2011 Last week's heavy rainfall opened up potholes and an open trench on the uphill from Nixon Street to the start of Port Royal Avenue. It's near the trailhead of the Schuylkill River Trail bike path.
  • 7804 Nixon St Philadelphia, PA - Roxborough
    Building insulation and materials falling into creek that runs into schuylkill river. Building has not been used for several years