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This is for Long Islanders to report problems in their communities, everything from potholes to broken traffic signals to areas with poor lighting, etc.

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  • 1-100 North Swezeytown Rd Middle Island, NY 11953, USA - Middle Island
    Please fix or repave, my ankle still hurts from a 9 inch pothole. Its been over 10 years since it was last paved. The recent hole fillings on the street were useless since more than half were missed. Please fix them before someone sues because of an injury.
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  • 236-246 Jackson Ave Syosset, NY 11791, USA - Syosset
    The road is littered with potholes, it is worse than any street in NYC. When is this going to be fixed?
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  • All Of Coates And Grundy Ave Holbrook Ny - Ronkonkoma
    The entire length of Grundy Avenue and Coates Avenue in Holbrook have HUGE pot holes.. some had been filled in with gravel but it washes away in a day or two.. it's a bandaid fix.. why can't our roads be fixed properly? Every road in Suffolk County has the same problem.. I have seen cars at the side of the road fixing flat tires because of potholes.. they are so bad they are getting hard to advoid.
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  • Western Concourse Amity Harbor, NY 11701, USA - Copiague
    The end of this road is badly eroded. Steve Bellone is trying to get a grant to repair the bulkhead. An interim repair is needed, as the potholes have spread inside the guardrail. The Town of Babylon has fixed this periodically, but it needs another repair.
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  • 611-623 Townline Rd Hauppauge, NY - Hauppauge
    25mph school zone for middle and high schools. drivers speed at 40mph+, speed into oncoming traffic around slower cars stopped school buses. Town does nothing, police do nothing. Only a matter of time before we have maimed and dead children -- perhaps by the busload -- on this stretch of road.
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  • Hollow Oak Drive & Harrison Avenue/ Sills Road - East Patchogue

    Traffic Light is needed at the intersection of CR 101/Sills Road and Hollow Oak Drive and Harrison Avenue in East Patchogue. Numerous accidents occur at this intersection due to high speeds and blocked visibility. Below is an article from a fatal crash in April of 2010.
    East Patchogue man, 81, dies in crash
    Originally published: April 6, 2010 12:01 AM

    Quick SummaryVincent Resciniti's car collided with an SUV at the Hollow Oak Drive intersection with County Road 101, police report.

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    For more on this story visit News12 Long Island
    An East Patchogue man was killed Monday night when his vehicle was struck by a SUV at a County Road 101 interesection in the hamlet, Suffolk police said.

    Vincent Resciniti, 81, was driving a 2008 Hyundai sedan across County Road 101 heading west onto Hollow Oak Drive when his vehicle was struck by a 2000 Lincoln sports utility vehicle driven by Sheneka Blake who was heading south on County Road 101 at 5:35 p.m., police said.

    Resciniti was pronounced dead at the scene. Blake, 31, of East Patchogue, was transported by South Country Ambulance to Brookhaven Memorial Hospital where she was treated for minor injuries. Both vehicles were impounded for safety checks

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  • New York 110 Melville, NY 11747, USA - Melville
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  • Beach St Port Jefferson, NY 11777, USA - Port Jefferson
    Beach street in front of gravel company is destroyed by trucks. Town has been contacted and won't repair it.
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  • Woodbury Road And Venus Road Syosset, NY - Plainview
    Manhole cover was repaired last year after the road was recently repaved. The Town of Oyster Bay removed part of the sunken road and attempted to repave the unleveled area. To date, when a car, bus, or truck drive over the manhole cover, it lifts and slams down so loudly it reverberates throughout the neighborhood. During rush hour, it makes this noise hundreds upon hundreds of times. At night, the noise wakes you from sleep. It wasn't installed correctly when they repaved and realigned Woodbury Road. In addition, the white lines on the side of the road, don't allow homeowners to safely enter their cars parked on Woodbury Road. We now must park upon the sidewalk. Whatever company did is job should be ashamed. In addition, the road was without painted lines and a young boy died. The following day the lines were painted. Please correct this manhole cover issue, and in the future, paint the lines as soon as possible. Perhaps it could save lives !
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  • Wireless Rd Centereach, NY 11720, USA - Centereach
    This road is one of the worst in the area. It should have been paved years ago but the town just keeps patching it up. What are they waiting for?
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  • Creek Road Halesite, NY 11743, USA - Halesite
    A badly decayed, flood-prone section of SR110 (just s. Creek Road) is scheduled for major renovation in 2010, but somehow a developer of condos (on Creek Rd) and owner of new CVS (on SR110) hired contracters to restripe SR110, creating unsafe turn lanes for benefit of CVS and King Kullen and virtually eliminating southbound shoulder lane, forcing southbound traffic into oncoming lanes during flooding and snow conditions. No repaving or filling of degraded surfaces was done before yellow stripes were applied to loose, crumbling 50-year-old concrete roadway -- defying logic.
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  • 335-353 Colonial Springs Rd Melville, NY 11747, USA - Melville
    Various potholes between
    Northcote and Pinelawn Road
    on Colonial Springs Road
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