Sideewalks Steele Creek CMS Schools

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Where are the sidewalks for CMS students who attend Steele Creek Elementary, Kennedy Middle and Olympic High schools?

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  • 3917 Sandy Porter Rd Charlotte, NC 28273, USA - Continental US
    Sidewalk needed on Sandy Porter rd. between Arrowood Rd and Shopton rd., there are three schools along Sandy Porter rd. and no sidewalk along this area. This is a safety hazard for anyone walking. I don't believe there would be another area in Charlotte with three schools and no sidewalk.
  • Brown Griere Rd Sw Charlotte - Continental US
    Kennedy Middle School, Steele Creek Elementary and Olympic high school are all in walking distance to each other (Brown-Greir Rd and Sandy Porter). There are several communities in this area, and the area is growing. Why are there no sidewalks going to these schools on the roads? It is dangerous for kids and parents who walk to the area to go to school and events. the community is fortunate that nothing serious has happened with no sidewalks for these students.