City of Fremont, Transportation Engineering

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  • graffiti Archived
    34324 Siward Dr Fremont, CA 94555, USA - Ardenwood
    Gps has incorrect location. The correct location is the corner of Milton street and paseo padre parkway in Fremont. Graffiti is on traffic light electrical box on corner of street intersection.
  • 2863-2899 Auto Mall Parkway Fremont, California - Fremont
    Traffuc light out @ Automall & 680 for SB 680 exiting @ Automall
  • Red Light Out Archived
    Chadbourne At Paseo Padre Parkway Fremont, CA - Mission Valley
    The red light on the southeast corner facing Chadbourne drive is not illuminating.
  • red light out Archived
    3132 Middlefield Ave Fremont, CA 94539, USA - Cameron Hills
  • Warm Springs And Mission Blvd. Fremont Ca - East Industrial
    Traffic signal control box left open. Susceptible to vandalism and weather
  • Washington Blvd Fremont, CA, 94539, USA - Cameron Hills
  • traffic light Archived
    Washington Blvd Fremont, CA, 94539, USA - Mission Valley
    It needs to update the time for green and red on it
  • Osgood Rd & Washington Blvd Fremont, CA, 94539, USA - Irvington
    It needs to adjust more time for washington street direction.
  • 3057 Decoto Road Fremont, California - Northgate
    The light to turn left onto paseo is waaaaay to short and causes a lot of traffic
  • Warwick Rd & Paseo Padre Pkwy Fremont, CA, 94555, USA - Northgate
    The green light traffic light is out as seen from image. This image is traffic going towards Decoto Road.