Town of Floral Park

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  • Carnation Ave/ Atlantic Ave - Floral Park
    The stairs leading to the train platform are in need of repair the concrete is falling apart and rust is showing through from the re-bar inside the concrete.
  • 91-123 Tyson Ave Floral Park, NY 11001, USA - Floral Park
    The eastern-most center platform stairs of the floral park train station always have bird droppings covering them. It gets cleaned maybe once a month but required at least a weekly cleaning and possibly better pigeon prevention methods.
  • Tulip Ave Violet Ave - Floral Park
    parking lot light pole fell over and was removed it has not been replaced.
  • Tulip Ave @ Jericho Turnpike South West Corner. Floral Park, NY - Floral Park
    street light on this corner has been out for some time.this has a N/Y/C fire light mistakenly attached on top of it. It does have a Nassau county blue fire light on pole.
  • Covert Avenue Stewart Manor, New York - Stewart Manor
    There is an increasingly large pothole under the traffic light at covert and stewart. It’s getting very bad and very hard to avoid. Needs to be fixed ASAP.
  • 75 Pine Ave Floral Park, NY 11001, USA - Floral Park
    street light is cycling on and off at this location.
  • Floral Boulevard And Carnation Ave Floral Park, NY - Floral Park
    The traffic signal needs to be adjusted as it takes to long for the light to change.
    This is a county road and is not floral park jurisdiction.
  • 32 Franklin Street - Floral Park
    It's not even just one major pothole, it's a bunch of them and someone's going to ruin their car. It's impossible to avoid them all and they're all quite deep.
  • Atlantic Ave Floral Park, NY 11001, USA - Floral Park
    The fence at the bellerose train station is not high enough and too wide, kids can climb up and on to the tracks and be electrocuted or hit by a train. M.T.A take note of this.
  • pothole Open
    265-277 Bryant Ave Floral Park, NY 11001, USA - Floral Park