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  • 700 E 17th St Brooklyn, NY 11230, USA - City Council District 40
    2 years ago this homeowner illegally constructed an addition in violation of landmarks, under cover, during labor day weekend. he was issued a stop work order. today i see he has resumed work, still with no permits, and still in violation of landmark status! we have been fighting him for 2 years, and cannot believe! he has not been fined heavily and forced to tear down this structure. it violates his F.A.R. significantly, is constructed on top of his driveway, destroys the landmark nature of the house and neighborhood, and sits far too close to the neighbors. STOP HIM IMMEDIATELY! FINE HIM HEAVILY PLEASE!!!!!!!!! He also is a bad man, having intentionally tried to cause physical harm to the old man next door, who has now passed away. He used to throw garbage on the neighbor's porch, among other acts, hoping to cause the old man to fall. The widow now has her property illegally encroached upon and lives in fear of the temper of this selfish person.
  • 100 Morningside Dr New York, NY 10027, USA - Morningside Heights
    trashed HOT coals on side garden via slope, next to picnic area. I love the idea of a place where we can come together as a community to bbq or cookout, very nice community building idea. However, we also need to be mindful of the natural habitat and privilege that we have in using the few green spaces that we have on mother earth. Educating the park users, mandatory course in order to BBQ in the park - if you have this required course than you are allowed to BBQ. Make them responsible citizens of the park.
  • Argyle And Cortelyou Roads - City Council District 40
    Recently, the timing of the green light red light cycle at Argyle and Cortelyou has changed. The red light lasts much longer now as one waits to cross Cortelyou from Argyle, heading north. Only a few cars can get through. After it turns red, BOTH lights (Cortelyou cars and Argyle cars) remain red for an unnaturally long time. Something is almiss
  • 4215 Layton Newyork Elmhurst, NY - City Council District 25
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