District 11 - Commissioner Martinez

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Watching issues created after: 2009-08-07

This is to alert Commissioner Martinez of district 11 of problems.

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  • 2249 Sw 148th Ct Miami, Florida - Miami-Dade County
    Morning and afternoon traffic uses SW 148th Ct to avoid the light on 26th street and SW 149th Ave. The 148th ct strip is long and full of homes with kids who are outside playing. People are constantly speeding and neighbors want something done. How would we go about request speed bumps to be installed.
  • Pothole Open
    14701-14743 Southwest 56th Street Miami, Florida - Kendall West
    A pothole
  • 1851 Sw 142nd Ave Miami FL 33175, United States - Miami-Dade County
    Due to a huge lightning this light is out for two weeks pole is in front of the house
  • Southwest 157th Avenue Miami, FL 33196, USA - Country Walk
    Grass in the oak creek park is like 3 feet tall haven't been cut in months..
  • Sw 64th St FL - Miami-Dade County
    Once you past 157 Ave & 64 St on 64 St the painted traffic lines are missing till you pass the intersection of 162 Ave & 64 St. Where on this part of 64 St they are painted.
  • 2233 Sw 154th Place Miami, FL - Miami-Dade County
    Street Light Out in the Corner of 154th Place and 22nd Terrace
  • 2621 Southwest 132nd Avenue Miami, Florida - Tamiami
    Please the light signal to make a left turn to Zora Neale Hurston Elementary school on Coral way and 132nd avenue is not working. It is causing a lot of delay and traffic jam to turn left to go to the school. We need the signal working and to let at least 10 cars be able to turn into the school. This light has been broken since January or February. School started again and it is causing a lot of delays.
  • 3339 Sw 139th Pl Miami, FL, 33175, USA - Miami-Dade County
    Good evening. The neighbors living in such address have loud music every night for the last three nights. For several weeks this is a weekly issue. I call the police and they come out and the music stops. This has happens between midnight and 2 AM.
  • 7750 Sw 146th Rd Kendale Lakes, FL 33183 - Kendale Lakes
    Sidewalk is dangerous for pedestrian, lifted from ground
  • Sw 104th St Miami, FL 33186, USA - The Hammocks
    Heavy rain causes this strip to become very flooded. 137-147Ave sw 104 street
  • Sw 34th St Kendale Lakes Lindgren Acres, FL - Miami-Dade County
    there are 2 lights out, and have been out for a couple of months. One is near the corner of northwest side of 34 street, the other is the street light right next to it. The walkway hard to see at night because of the darkness.
  • Sw 34th St Kendale Lakes Lindgren Acres, FL - Miami-Dade County
    Found a small snake slithering through the tall grass on 34 street. My kids and I walk our dogs through this area it has become very dangerous with the tall grass. I don't know why this area is allowed to grow so much when it is so close to homes. My neighbors and I always have to call out and request service if not no one shows up to cut the grass. People throw their trash and in the tall grass and this attracts all sorts of animals. Someone needs to look into this.