Travis Horsley - GA House District 56

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A concerned citizen in Georgia House District 56.

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  • University Ave Sw Atlanta, GA - Pittsburgh
    Approximately 2 monts ago the city of Atlanta had to change the sewer lines on University Ave. SW. This procedure required that they uproot the center of a 4 lane road and then relay a poorly constructed cement road. The road is extremely uneven, feels awful driving over it, and is unsightly to any mobile traveler. I'm sure the city will eventually repave the road but it is taking them such a long time to do so. If you would help bring attention to our predicament we would be grateful for your assistance.
  • University Avenue Atlanta/Fulton, Georgia - Pittsburgh
    large bumps of pavement in both lanes heading west bound on University Avenue from Mc Danieal to Metropolitan PKWY. This causes drivers to suddenly change lanes in front of other cars trying to miss the large bumps nearly causing accidents. I have witness this several times.
  • Pothole Archived
    Downtown Connector Atlanta, Georgia - Pittsburgh
    Large deep pothole located at left edge of 3rd lane from right, adjacent to University exit on Connector NORTHBOUND
  • Downtown Connector Atlanta, GA 30315, USA - Pittsburgh
    Guardrail end damage, 10 feet
  • University Avenue Atlanta/fulton, Georgia - Pittsburgh
    Very bumpy pavement aproaching Mc Daniel Traffic light heading east bound on university avenue. These bumps causes cars to sway into oncoming traffic to avoid them nealy causing sveral head on accidents. I only ever see pot hole harry on tv addressing issues downtown of in buck head. We do have issies in southwest Atlanta also.
  • 1001 Smith St S.W. atlanta, GA - Pittsburgh
    traffic conjestion at unveristy ave coming off ramp of i 75/85 northbound.
  • Graffiti Archived
    460 University Ave Atlanta, GA - Pittsburgh
    Graffiti on new retaining wall between Hubbard and Sims on University Ave. If this isnt removed, it will just birth more and more graffiti. Its a shame because they built such a nice retaining wall and the community doesnt even recognize that fact but rather choose to use it as their new canvas. The govt could have just as easily built an ugly slab retaining wall.