Travis Horsley

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A concerned citizen in Georgia House District 56.

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  • 1480 Fairbanks St Sw Atlanta, GA - Capitol View
    Ever since pitch of road was changed, water flows over the sidewalk and down the hill into Perkerson Park. Its creating a huge ravine. The drain there is clogged but even when its not clogged, it still pours over the side of the hill becuase the low point of the road comes before the drain. The problem was caused by changing the pitch of the road when they did the new sewer lines. They need to raise the sidewalk or extend the flowover apron out further. And they need to clean out the drain. But this gets clogged within a month after unclogging. 1 drain to serve all that water coming down the hill is not enough and is always clogged becuase street sweepers never come by and the drain itself is just too small for all the debris that comes down the hill
  • 880-912 Erin Ave Sw Atlanta, GA 30310, USA - Capitol View
    There are approximately 75 tires stacked right along the road on a vacant residential lot.