Travis Horsley

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A concerned citizen in Georgia House District 56.

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  • 900 984 Peeples St Sw Atlanta, GA - Oakland City
    Bushes/shrubs at the corner of Peeples St and Donnelley Ave make it difficult to see oncoming traffic at intersection.
  • 1235 Westboro Dr Sw Atlanta, GA 30310, USA - Oakland City
    House is open and not maintained, yard is overgrown
  • 1035 Donnelly Ave Sw Atlanta, GA 30310, USA - Oakland City
    There is a parallel drain grate next to the curb in the westbound lane. It is a hazard for bikes. This is especially important as this is close to the beltline trail.
  • Murphy Ave Sw Atlanta, GA - Oakland City
    Out of service tracks that run past Cut Rate Box. Co. at 1100 Murphy Ave. The condition and wear of the tracks as well as the curvature are uneven and not maintained. The railroad ties are worn, broken and splintered and the rail itself sits above the surface of the road. Many cyclists have fallen because of the condition of these tracks. They are impossible to ride over smoothly and wheels get stuck in the ruts.
  • Sylvan Rd At Murphy Ave And Lee Street Atlanta, GA - Oakland City
    Can someone please repave the entire intersection of Sylvan, Murphy, and the part across the RR Tracks where it meets Lee Street? You feel like youre driving over a gravel road hitting potholes along the way. The part where it meets lee street looks like the street melted and made ribs in the road as the asphalt slid down the hill. Its like the ribbing they add along highways to wake you up if you start to sway off the highway except much worse becuase you are slowing down as you come off the tracks and it amplifies the effect. The intersection of murphy and sylvan absolutely needs a complete redo. IMHO all of sylvan road needs to be redone but staying on topic, the RR tracks dont meet the road, you literally have to drive like you are out in the country on a gravel road even though you are in the middle of a very busy intersection in atlanta while getting a lovely view of a probation office.
  • 1036 Donnelly Ave. Atlanta, GA - Oakland City
    Water catch basin drain pipe to small causing street, driveway, yard, & basement to flood. I reported to Atl. City Sewer Dept. 3 times with no resolve.
  • 1032 Sparks St Sw Atlanta, GA - Oakland City
    Road on Sparks Street is caving in.