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The Housing and Community Affairs (HCA) Committee of the Graduate Student Council at MIT is charged with advocating for student community affairs around the institute. We focus on all student life issues, including housing and rents, stipends, health services and insurance, transportation, safety, athletics, and related matters.

Notified About

  • Albany Street And Pacific Street Intersection Cambridge, MA - Cambridgeport
    This intersection has a raised brick "crosswalk" but no painted white stripe lines. The result is that cars driving down Albany rarely yield for pedestrians in an area with a large student population.
  • Pearl Street Cambridge, Massachusetts - Cambridgeport
    The major snow emergency routes throughout Cambridgeport (Putnam, Magazine, Pearl, Brookline) have barely been plowed! I am shocked not to have seen a snow removal vehicle since early Friday morning. Compared to other parts of the city, nearby cities (e.g. Watertown) and Cambridge's historic effectiveness at ensuring streets are passable, the Cambridgeport neighborhood seems to have been forgotten this week. There will certainly be problems once school buses are trying to navigate tomorrow, and this should be anticipated and avoided.
  • Third Street Cambridge, Massachusetts - Mit
    This intersection was recently redesigned and a northbound bike lane was included to cross Broadway via 3rd. But there is absolutely no v
    isible traffic signal for bicyclists to cross Broadway on Third. It's absolutely dangerous and an unbelievable oversight...
  • Danny Lewin Park Broadway, Cambridge, MA 02142, United States of America - Mit
  • 60 Magazine Street Cambridge, Massachusetts - Cambridgeport
  • Other Archived
    312 Broadway Cambridge, MA 02139, USA - The Port
    You need to re-engineer how the bikes come across prospect at Broadway and Prospect Street, right now the pinch keeps pinging bikes into the rear of the parked cars, putting in a bike lane giving a delayed signal, putting the bikes in the center as opposed to off to the side make much more sense
  • 262 Main Street Cambridge, Massachusetts - Mit
    This driver left his car in the bike lane while using the BofA branch.
  • Other Archived
    140-148 Broadway Cambridge, MA 02139, USA - The Port
    Daily, delivery trucks park in both the bicycle and motor vehicle lanes. This picture is from yesterday. Today at about 7:45 am there were 3 trucks lined up. This is extremely dangerous for cyclists and slows down motor vehicle traffic significantly.
  • 75a Ames Street Cambridge, Massachusetts - Mit
    This bike lane is frequently blocked by cars which mistakenly park in the bike lane. If plastic post barriers were installed, it would be much harder for cars to park in the bike lane.
  • 305 Brookline St Cambridge, MA 02139 - Cambridgeport
    the entire road is third world
  • 207 Harvard Street Cambridge, Massachusetts - The Port
    Part of the bricks on the sidewalk are sinking in and form a large puddle during rainstorms. There are 3 young toddlers in our building, so it would be great get the sidewalk leveled a bit more to prevent the puddling.
  • 211 Harvard Street Cambridge, Massachusetts - The Port
    Tree Branches need to be pruned. Hanging over roofline by multiple feet and tons of squirrels are getting into eaves of house.