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  • 700 Haddon Ave Collingswood, NJ 08108 - Collingswood
    For some reason the pedestrians are determined to cross as the traffic approaches. There's often a traffic guard helping people cross at the giant clock ... we need one here too!
  • 600 - 605 N Atlantic Ave Collingswood, NJ 08108, USA - Collingswood
    These kids use the new municipal garage at the Lumberyard site, the Wawa, Rite Aid, and Bobby Chez parking lots, and the Lumberyard entrance steps/ramps at 600 N Atlantic Ave to loiter and perform skate board tricks. The need a serious kick in the @#$%!
  • Street floods Acknowledged
    29 Crestmont Terrace Collingswood NJ 08108 - Collingswood
    Anything more than a drizzle the street corner floods. There are 4 storm drains on the corner of Maple and Crestmont. Only 2 of them work (when no covered with leaves). All rain water runs in one direction, and when the drains have leaves on them, our neighbors backyard floods (to the point it has picked up their cars and moved them), and water levels easily get to knee level.
  • Hillcrest Avenue Collingswood, NJ 08108, USA - Collingswood
    Huge groups of kids loitering all times of the day, sometimes past 2am...playing basketball, making streets, on sidewalks....
  • fix asap Archived
    W.Browning Rd & Collings Aven. Collingswood, NJ - Collingswood
    many deep holes when people enter from Collings Ave, to Browning rd.
    need to be fixed asap.
    dangerous to everybody.
  • pothole Archived
    By The Trafic Lights right side of E Cuthbert Blvd, just before S.Park.Dr.(going to Rt 70. - Collingswood
    very DEEP ,a few BIG potholes to fix IMITATIVELY ,there are dangerous to drivers !!!
  • 424 W Collings Ave Collingswood, NJ 08108, USA - Collingswood
    Is it possible for the crossing guard to hold students a little longer? It took more than 5 minutes to go from WH Pike to the crossing point one morning. Although I applaud her for doing a great service.. I didn't know if she was aware the line had backed up to WHP. ?? Not sure if anything can be done about it since the kids need to get across in a timely manner also.
  • Laurel Ave Collingswood, NJ 08108, USA - Collingswood
    Laurel Ave off of Lincoln Ave is crumbling and is in need of resurfacing. Water collects in the center of the road when it rains, it needs to be graded so the water runs off the road.
  • Haddon Ave & Narberth Terrace Collingswood, NJ - Collingswood
    There has been no "American Flag" flying over Haddon Ave at Rt.130 for a least two weeks...whats up...or not up ? ?
  • E Collings Ave Collingswood, NJ 08108, USA - Collingswood
    Another year goes by and no resolution to the parking issues in Collingswood. There needs to be some sort of police enforcement of the permit required parking on E. Collings Avenue. I understand Collingswood PD doesn't want to dissuade patrons of the town from staying and parking close to Haddon Avenue...But, for all the tax paying residents that have to sometimes park blocks away from their homes it's a bit infuriating. Come up with a better parking policy for E. Collings Avenue or enforce the the current permit parking requirement. Please.
  • POTHOLE Archived
    599 Grant 08107 - Collingswood
    Large & deep pothole in the middle of Grant Ave at Grant & WHPK intersection
  • sink hole Archived
    Haddon Avenue (Between Pacific Ave. And E Wayne Terrace ) Collingswood, NJ - Collingswood
    On Haddon Avenue in Collingswood, (between Pacific Ave. and E Wayne Terrace ) on the right side ,by the curb, going toward 130N is a sink hole,deep , approx. 3'x3, needs immediately borough's attention. You can brake your car there or brake your leg.