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  • 245 385 Norton Pkwy New Haven, CT 06511, USA - Beaver Hills

    I just witnessed a prostitute soliciting a man visiting a neighbor across the street. This aberrant behavior is not going to be tolerated here. From now on, I will walk outside and take pictures of these incredibly ignorant women. And ignorant is the correct word here, as when the gentleman refused her "advances," she erupted into some of the most disgusting trash talk I have ever heard come out of someone's mouth. I cannot even post it here, that is how sick this prostitute was with her words.

    Where is our new alderperson on this issue? I bet she considers crack whores in the hood a non-issue.

  • 355 Norton Street New Haven, CT - Beaver Hills
    Sign states NO PARKING in front of his house "unless you are the one who shoveled." City streets are open to all as far as parking is concerned. Sign needs to be removed.
  • Norton Parkway New Haven, Connecticut - Beaver Hills
    The city makes a parking ban so that no one can park on the odd side of the street, so we all move to the even side, but then you don't plow the odd side! If we've all moved, the plow should go thru and plow all the parking spaces on the odd side. That way we can move back when the ban is lifted. All the residents have been fighting for open spots on North Parkway. I had to parallel park at the tips of two adjacent parking spots on the odd side once the ban was lifted because there are no open spots and you DID NOT PLOW THE ODD SIDE. Don't ask us to move if you're not going to plow out the spaces.
  • Norton And Goffe New Haven, Connecticut - Beaver Hills
    Norton, 5/17/14, 545p+.
  • 371 Norton St New Haven, CT - Beaver Hills
    I have seen people on the first floor smoking marajaunia on the porch. Drug dealers stopping by to drop off drugs. There is someone who comes by every morning a rings the door bell or sits on the porch waiting for the tenent to come out.
  • Norton And Goffe New Haven, Connecticut - Beaver Hills
    Nice weather, here come the losers who could care less about anyone's safety, peace and quiet.
  • Norton St New Haven, CT - Beaver Hills
    I have complained about our street for over a year when it comes to addicts living across the street. And the person on the first floor is going out to get drugs and bring them back. I see the transactions all the time. the house is the 4th house from the corner of norton and goffe. Also I keep seeing cars parking on the street with individuals who don't live here. While they are parked they are doing drugs in the car or having sex in the car. I have found comdons on the ground in the morning as well as drug packages. We just got a new alderman, I hope that makes a difference. Because when the summer comes, it going to be so much chaos from the kids running around loud and disrespectful to the loud music all day and all night. Please do something about this problem. We can't take it anymore.
  • Winthrop And Goffe Street New Haven Connecticut - Beaver Hills

    One of the Beaver Hills neighborhood gateway brick piers has been toppled over, presumably by accident by one of the machines/vehicles milling the street the week of July 4th, 2018. While the pier is located on private property, I suspect that it is the City's responsibility to repair the pier in this instance since it likely resulted from their road milling efforts. [EDIT: Apparently, the brick pier was damaged in a car accident. Would it then be up to the property owner of 590 Winthrop Avenue to pursue property damages from the vehicle operator who was at fault?]

    The brick piers are an important component of the Beaver Hills Historic District, which is registered on the National Register of Historic Districts. 590 Winthrop Avenue, the property the pier is located on, is a contributing structure to the historic district.

  • 356 Norton St New Haven, CT - Beaver Hills
    ATV'er has been riding on sidewalks and up and down driveways all afternoon.
  • trash Archived
    573 Winthrop Ave New Haven, CT - Beaver Hills
    573 Winthrop ave ,trash all around the house, children under the age of 10 running around all times of night littering all over Winthrop ave.
  • 379 Whalley Ave New Haven CT 06511, United States - Beaver Hills
    I was at the store shortly before closing time and saw lack of mask enforcement. One customer walked in without a mask to shop and nobody asked her to put one on or provide documentation as to why she couldn't. Also some employees had their masks lowered down as well.
  • 383 Whalley Avenue New Haven, Connecticut - Beaver Hills
    The new laundromat has pennants strung over the sidewalk and flags in the middle of the sidewalk. Illegal and unnatractive. This is the second time I've reported with no luck