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  • Polk And Dearborn Chicago, IL - Loop
    Is the stoplight here really necessary? The only time the light turns red is when pedestrians hit the button.
    Wouldn't a stop sign suffice? Pedestrians and motorists wouldn't have to wait for the light to turn green/red and would be able to get on with their life. I've seen stop signs be used like this near DePaul University and motorists always stop for pedestrians (...because, you know, it's the law). I've never seen it become a problem. If anything, replacing this stoplight with a stop sign would save electricity and the patience of motorists and pedestrians. Just a suggestion.
  • 732 S Dearborn St Chicago, Illinois - Loop
  • 742 S Dearborn St Chicago, Illinois - Loop
  • State And Polk Chicago, IL - Loop
    Fire hydrant leaking
  • Graffiti Removal Acknowledged
    52 W Polk St CHICAGO, IL, 60605 - Loop
  • 734 S Dearborn St South Loop - Loop
  • Other Archived
    901-1099 South Holden Court Chicago, IL 60605, USA - Loop
    Snow Removal on Sidewalk, on bridge at Roosevelt between Roosevelt Collection (Clark) and Whole Foods (Canal)
  • 835 South Plymouth Chicago, IL - Loop
    No Parking sign needs to be replaced upright.
  • Graffiti Removal Acknowledged
    1108 S State St CHICAGO, IL, 60605 - Loop
  • Other Archived
    823-845 S State St Chicago, IL 60605, USA - Loop
    Sidewalk issue. Several inch heave between sections.
  • 40-48 East 11th Street Chicago, IL 60605, USA - Loop
    Street lights at corner of 11th and State are out
  • Polk And Dearborn - Loop
    Since pavement work no crosswalks have been painted making an already dangerous intersection even more hazardous. Please paint as soon as possible