Boston Department of Public Works

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  • 6 Greenough Ln Boston, MA 02113, USA - North End
    There are no trash barrels in the public park where people often eat and residents walk their dog.
  • Haymarket Square Boston MA USA - North End
    The crosswalks are heavily faded and the lane markings almost completely gone on the Haymarket square loop buses and traffic swing around to head North.
  • N Margin St. Boston, MA 02127, USA - North End

    Lady dumps water with chemicals on sidewalk and down drain on Thatcher street, across from Pizzaria Regina.

    Typically during the week between 8-9 am.

  • Causeway St Boston, MA - North End
    Huge numbers of people cross Causeway Street here and it's very dangerous. Crosswalk needed.
  • 67-69 Salem St Boston, MA 02113, USA - North End
    Burnt out light in front of "Going Bananas" store
  • 1252 Cross St Boston, MA 02109, USA - North End
    Half of the 100ft fence art banner is in the street. Other half still attached to fence.
  • Other City Request Acknowledged
    130 Salem Street Boston, Massachusetts - North End
    Monicas Mercato is operating without a 36A license.
  • Dead Tree Removal Acknowledged
    67-91 North Washington Street Boston, Massachusetts - North End
    3 tree pits with grates and only tree stumps creating tripping hazard for all people especially persons with visual impairments and the elderly..... along e'ly sidewalk on Cross St between Fulton and North Sts in North End in Boston.
  • Other City Request Acknowledged
    50 Cross Street Boston, MA 02113, USA - North End
    Bike lane paint completely gone (on entire length of Cross stoats the comer onto N Washington St). Drivers routinely cut the corner or drift into bike lane causing extreme hazard of a crash
  • Bike rack request Acknowledged
    289 Hanover St Boston, Massachusetts - North End
    In front of Galleria Umberto
  • 211-297 Beverly Street Boston, Massachusetts - North End

    The intersection of the new Lovejoy Wharf boardwalk with Beverly Street only has a proper curb cut along half of its width. The other half has a tiny but sheer drop that is hazardous to people on bikes and uncomfortable to people in wheelchairs or with strollers.

    Can the city add a little asphalt to Beverly Street here to fill the inch or two gap between the boardwalk and the street?

  • 243 North Street Medford, Massachusetts - North End
    Many of the traffic indicator lights at the intersection of Boston Ave and North Street are missing their shades. This creates many problems. For example, when the sun hits the green lights, drivers think they have the right of way and may proceed into the intersection. I've report this issue before and was told that trucks keep hitting them. Well, I don't care. These traffic lights need to be maintained, and the city needs to find a way to keep the intersection operating safely.