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  • Bungalow Ave SAN RAFAEL, CA - San Rafael
    The neighborhood has been trying to get this Street repaired since 1989! The Street is very narrow making it difficult for 2 cars to pass safely.There are large open Gutters with Driveway entrances making it dangerous when 2 cars try to pass. A car can hit a driveway entrance and severely damage there front suspension. This has happened often. It has only partial sidewalks causing pedestrians to walk on the Street. We have had nothing but excuses from the City. The IJ published an article Nov 23 2003 concerning this issue.(See attached). This issue has gone on far to long.
  • 101 Marin Center Dr San Rafael, CA 94903, USA - San Rafael
    sidewalk tripping hazard to/fro busstop .
    101 sb at frietas parkway
  • 71 Trellis Dr San Rafael, CA, 94903, USA - San Rafael
    Trash overflowing. And appears to be a bee or wasp nest in the very near vicinity of this trashcan. They are quite aggressive. Multiple dogs and children have been stung/bitten walking on the path to and from school. I’ve been watching it for five minutes and cannot seem to locate a nest source. Does not appear to be in the trashcan itself but I cannot exactly tell.
  • 4th St & Ross Valley Dr San Rafael, CA, 94901, USA - Gerstle Park
    Please fix the many potholes and rough road on Miracle Mile just west of Ross road. It is dangerously rough for both cars and bikes. I noticed it has been reported in the past.
  • 404 Nova Albion Way San Rafael, CA, 94903, USA - San Rafael
    Storm drain blocked and no water runs to street. On the outside of my backyard there is a trough and since the water can’t drain to the street it floods my entire grass backyard and it turns into a swamp. Also as you can see the drain is compressed and that is not. Good either.
  • Sidewalks Archived
    909 4th St San Rafael, California, 94901 - San Rafael
    Tree Grate Raised to cause a 'trip and fall' event
  • Prospect Dr & Vineyard Dr San Rafael, CA, 94901, USA - San Rafael


    To whom it may concern, the storm drainage on corner of Prospect dr and Vineyard ave has collapsed and it closed the entrance for rain water to be drained, this is an important drain since there are houses below that would get flooded if the rains that are coming heavy and for the future of the street condition. this need immediate attention.


  • 9 Jordan St San Rafael CA 94901, United States - San Rafael
    Down the street from the middle school and directly across from the tennis courts, the latest homeless encampment. Living room setup with a king mattess plus box spring, decorated with a Aristide of garbage and a stolen shopping cart. Please, we cannot let our city continue this downward spiral.
  • Sidewalks Acknowledged
    688–692 Lindaro St San Rafael CA 94901, United States - San Rafael
    Across tennis courts near the creek by the sidewalk, a man has set up a large encampment yesterday This is not safe for students from DMS and many pedestrians who use this sidewalk Please contact this individual to move or get a help
  • 57 Valencia Ave San Rafael, CA, 94901, USA - San Rafael
    6ft blue sofa appeared on 9/2/23, illegally dumped on city property at corner on Valencia Avenue & cross street is Jewell St.
  • Woodland Ave & Mariposa Rd San Rafael, California, 94901 - San Rafael
    Caller verifies this illegal dump is still there and asks to have it removed.
  • 1800 Lincoln Ave San Rafael CA 94901, United States - San Rafael
    This is ridiculous how many people use this sidewalk and bike path access as a dump. It's totally unfair to have this public space taken up by weeds and trash when other neighborhoods in Marin have clear sidewalks and ability to be mobile in a safe clean environment