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  • River Street Hyde Park, MA - Hyde Park
    River Street from YMCA corner all the way into Mattapan Square needs to be fixed. Many many holes. New shopping center and street hasn't been fixed.
  • 522 Huntington Ave Boston, MA 02136, USA - Hyde Park
    I am referring to the whole avenue. Cars are always parked on both sides of the street as the street is very narrow. The street was not made for cars parking. Also Huntington ave is a two way street.
  • 590 Beech St Roslindale Massachusetts - Hyde Park
    Speeding up AND down the hill on BEECH St. This is the dead end part of Beech St. Also, cars park on both sides of the street and someone always parks industrial trucks at the corner of Bateman and Beech making it difficult to turn the corner. There is a SLOW sign posted but it does no good. Cars speed up this narrow street portion that has a fork to another through street. It is difficult to get out of your car if you are parked on the street or out of your driveway. The city recently repaved this street now it is worse! There needs to be another Stop sign at this corner or a BUMP or some rough patches to slow these people down before someone gets run over.
  • Other Acknowledged
    284 Fairmount Avenue Hyde Park, MA 02136, USA - Hyde Park
    Cars are traveling at an excessive speed while children are playing & riding bikes.
  • hyde park, MA child street - Hyde Park
    nobody stops at the stop sign on chestnut and child street. too many cars speeding down child st.
  • Davison St hyde park Boston, MA - Hyde Park
    speeding on Davison st.from Walter to Fairmont
  • 27 Davison Street Boston, Massachusetts - Hyde Park
    No one slows down you can't get out of your driveway ,kids are going to get hit by a car speed in a residential area
  • Intersection Of Hyde Park Ave And Collins Street Hyde Park, Massachusetts - Hyde Park

    If drivers on Hyde Park Ave run through the yellow light at Metropolitan Ave, they reach Collins Street when their light is green. There is no leeway of time. I have almost been hit coming out of Collins Street several times.

    In brief: When Collins Street light is green, There are still cars driving through the yellow light on Hyde Park Ave. Very dangerous!

  • snow crew Archived
    112 Pierce St. Hyde Park boston, Hyde Park, MA - Hyde Park

    Pauline Jackson (****2nd request, first was incomplete)
    she is requesting snow removal assistance, her car is snowed in, car is on Davidson St, back of her apartment. Pauline may also need help Friday and Monday for snow removal.


  • Dangerous driving Acknowledged
    1183-1197 Hyde Park Ave Boston, MA 02136, USA - Hyde Park
    This drive was driving radically cutting other drivers off and the red light the driver switched with another driver
  • 95-111 Davison Street Boston, Massachusetts - Hyde Park

    Urgent: Elderly woman; must access car so that I can pick up my prescription before Monday.

    Car is surrounded by at least 24-30 inches of snow. I'm at 112 Pierce St, Apt 38, but the car is in the lot in the back of my apt. And the lot is on Davidson St. The residences are all connected (3 buildings) both on Pierce St and Davidson St. If someone comes out to provide assistance, he/she cannot ring the bell in back for 110 and 112 Pierce St. He/she will have to come to Pierce St first to notify me and I can then show him/her where exactly my car is parked.


  • Other Acknowledged
    143 Providence Street Boston, MA 02136, USA - Hyde Park
    At 139 Providence st. The gas meter looks like something bumped it over the winter.