Clarkston area

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This watch area roughly approximates the 30021 zipcode, or Clarkston area.

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  • 951 N. Indian Creek Drive Clarkston, GA - Clarkston

    Need assistance to get DeKalb County to repair fence & secure gate behind Clarkston Library on Indian Creek Drive. Vandals are coming through the gate & fence and entering the Clarkston Community Center….destroying vegetable gardens and other projects made by the local residents. This past week vandals destroyed a patch of carrots grown by some children!!

    The Center locks all gate access to the field during the evenings, weekends & holidays, however, until this fence is secured, the problem will persist. The Clarkston Chief of Police highly recommends “razor wire” in this area to prevent future destruction of the fence.

    If the department responsible for county property would like to meet with me to review and discuss, my email is . Prompt attention to this matter would be greatly appreciated before the gardeners begin planting in early March.

    PS: once the fences are repaired, the community residents will place warning signs on the gate & fence to discourage entrance.

  • 1061 Milam Circle Clarkston, GA - Clarkston
    There is a sink hole slowly sinking in the street in front of this home.
  • 1121 Milam Circle Clarkston, GA - Clarkston
    The owners of this property have blocked access to the fire hydrant with a fence. Also, people are parking illegally in front of hydrant. Need a sign to remind people to not block the hydrant in this area.
  • 3784 E Ponce De Leon Ave Clarkston, GA - Clarkston
    The path on E Ponce de Leon from Milam Circle to I285 is extremely narrow. Naturally there is no sidewalk. For a year I have made numerous calls to 311 and Damen Johnson at Dekalb County Public Works without success. I am not requesting a sidewalk be installed, just grading to widen the dirt path to allow citizens a safe passage. By the way, I have confirmed that this road is the responsibility of DeKalb & not Georgia.
  • road bump Archived
    1052 Milam Circle Clarkston, GA - Clarkston
    There is a tree branch or something causing the road to create a bump. When trucks/cars go over it at any normal speed (20+), it not only creates a loud noise, but probably causes some damage to vehicle.
  • 1052 Milam Circle Clarkston, GA - Clarkston

    There is obviously a tree branch pushing up the pavement in front of this house that is getting worse. I reported this problem last year or so and never received any response.

    Some day an car/van/truck axle will break which may be a good lawsuit against the county.

    As you can tell from the picture, it is almost as tall as a bottle of wine.

  • 863 S Jolly Ave Clarkston, GA 30021 - Clarkston
    Every day, hundreds of people walk in the roadway on this section of Jolly Ave.
    There is no sidewalk for several hundred yards south of Rowland.
    Without attention to pedestrian needs, someone will be killed by a vehicle here, if they have not already.
  • Traffic light Archived
    3827-3829 East Ponce De Leon Avenue Clarkston, Georgia - Clarkston

    While travelling east on E. Ponce de Leon, at the entrance ramp from 285 - the traffic light is not synchronized at times.....specifically during rush hours. The light only permits 3-4 cars through so traffic backs up past Milam Circle.

    Most of the time there are no cars coming from 285, so drivers get impatient and go through red light.

  • Ponce De Leon Between Milam Circle & Creekdale Clarkston, GA - Clarkston
    There are two very large branches ready to fall on someone that are over the walkway that need to be trimmed and removed.
  • Pot holes Archived
    Mell & Ponce De Leon Clarkston, GA - Clarkston
    The road on Mell is in terrible shape with pot holes getting worse each month.
  • 3767-3787 East Ponce De Leon Avenue Clarkston, Georgia - Clarkston
    Deep pothole in east bound lane. No asphalt remains.
  • 4036 East Ponce De Leon Avenue Clarkston, Georgia - Clarkston
    This pot hole is about 6" deep and driving around it causes you to veer into the east bound lane.