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  • Something is seriously wrong with the roadway and/or the expansion joints on this overpass and the city should make it a priority to fix it. It's like driving over 15 jolting drops no matter what side you're driving on and it's only gotten worse this winter, no doubt because the road needs to be plowed. If the traffic isn't bad, take the extra time to stay below and avoid this overpass. Your suspension will thank you.
  • Other City Request Acknowledged
    47 Knoll St Boston, Massachusetts - Roslindale
    Electrical wire sheathing broken and laying on the sidewalk.
  • trash eyesore Archived
    805 South St Boston, MA 02131, USA - Roslindale
    this property is on the way to roslindale train station.
    front yard full of childrens toys and other litter
    eye sore to neighborhood
  • 7 Gloria Road west roxbury Ma, MA - Roslindale
    Problem with sidewalk. Cement has lifted due to construction (Bulger construction cut into existing sidewalk to add electrical to pole illeagally!, Also a big tree with roots have uplifted sidewalk resulting in at least 2 falls. Unable to use, resulting in school children using street. Please help has been like this for 3 yrs! also a part of the sidewalk that they did many yrs ago is about 4 inches off from the existing sidewalk agian resulting in falls. Have a handicap parents! Please help! Tx tricia
  • 4406 Washington Street Roslindale, MA - Roslindale


    There has been a slow leak from the watermain on Metropolitan Ave at the Western corner of Washington Street for MONTHS! Even worse, they just stripped the road to repave it, and paved RIGHT OVER THE LEAK!!!

  • Blind Curve Acknowledged
    155 Florence St Roslindale, MA 02131, USA - Roslindale
    Blind curve with no pedestrian crossing markers next to playground. Large trucks like to race around corner.
  • drag racing Acknowledged
    340-342 Hyde Park Ave Boston, MA 02130, USA - Roslindale
    people regularly drag race down hyde park ave starting at 8pm until 2am. very dangerous if driving in area. please send cops out to monitor area.
  • Low tree limbs Acknowledged
    Ukraine Way jamacia plain, MA - Roslindale
    The trees overhanging the corner of Ukraine Way and Washington St near the T stop are very low. I'm only 5'8 and I have to duck to get under.
  • Speeding Acknowledged
    190-208 Walter St Boston, MA 02131, USA - Roslindale
    Posted speed limit 20-25MPH along walter street. cars go at least 35- many pedestrians and bicyclists in area. Several "slow" signs and pedestrian marker in middle of road do absolutely nothing - needs more serious traffic calming measures.
  • Speeders Acknowledged
    141-143 Cummins Hwy Boston, MA 02131, USA - Roslindale
    posted speed limit is 20 mph, drivers regularly go 30+ & late nights during nice weather motorcycles like to drag race.
  • 119-135 Hyde Park Ave Boston, MA 02130, USA - Roslindale
    Asphalt has been clumsily dumped into places where there were once bricks along Hyde Park Ave in Forest Hills. This is unacceptable level of quality for a Boston neighborhood.
  • 3801-3807 Washington Street Boston, Massachusetts - Roslindale
    The crosswalk signal from the Arnold Arboretum to Forest Hills station on Washington Street in Jamaica Plain is stuck. Every light cycle is interrupted by it triggering to a red light and signaling a walk despite no one being there. This issue began about a month ago and did not impede traffic like this before this began. The light is used infrequently and should be changed to request only to keep traffic moving in a highly used area.