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  • 20 City Hall Ave Boston, MA 02201, USA - Downtown
    Please consider making this "official" scooter/motorcycle parking. There is plenty of egress for pedestrians. A lot of people already park in this area, but I've had $120 in parking tickets here this summer so I've stopped. It's a perfectly reasonable area for embracing these environmentally responsible commuter vehicles.
  • 161-207 Congress St Boston, MA 02110, USA - Downtown
  • Scooter parking Acknowledged
    Ave De Lafayette Boston, MA - Downtown
    Has the issue of sidewalk parking by scooters been addressed? I was assessed a $65 ticket for parking on the sidewalk. While other unlicensed scooters were not assessed, the fact that I have properly licensed my bike encouraged ticketing. While ridership increases, to the great benefit of the city, reasonable parking options are not widely available. Is this topic earnestly under discussion? Are there plans to expand beyond the single area in Back Bay currently serving as the lone beacon of sense regarding this issue? I would like to be able to keep riding, keeping costs down and helping to alleviate traffic. All I ask is that I can park near work with a price tag commiserate with my vehicular impact, and not risk an outrageously priced parking violation. Thank you.
  • Boylston Station - Outbound Tremont Street, Boston, MA 02108, United States of America - Beacon Hill
    There is no reasonable safe bike path around the Boston Common, the paths are wide and easy enough to make multi use, allow bikes in the park and put correct signage so that there will be no conflict
  • 21 Congress St Boston, MA 02109 - Downtown
    Massive Hole in Street hasn't been fixed in 3 years..
  • John F Fitzgerald Surface Rd Boston, MA - Downtown
    This is a very busy pedestrian crosswalk from Quincy Market to the waterfront. The "Walk" signal wait is extremely long, leading to people eventually giving up and trying to cross anyway. Many visitors/tourists here; this seems like a high-profile accident waiting to happen.
  • Summer@Atlantic Avenue Boston, MA - Downtown
    The cross walk, made up of stone blocks, is uneven and badly damaged. This is a trip hazard and rough on cars. The same stone blocks are used at other points of this intersection without issue. The summer St crossing appears to have been improperly laid.
  • 141 Congress Street Boston, MA - Downtown
    Please plow to the curb on Congress Street.
  • 601-655 Atlantic Ave Boston, MA 02111, USA - Downtown
    Dangerous trip hazard and vehicle wheel damage will occur here.
  • Other Archived
    151 Tremont St Boston, Massachusetts - Downtown
    Please add protected cycling lanes to tremont. It's wider than the Mass Pike and people drive really fast. Not a safe environment for cyclists.
  • Traffic pandemonium Acknowledged
    211 Congress Street Boston, MA - Downtown

    Every day at rush hour (5-6pm) at Congress and High:
    Cars lay on the horn unnecessarily.
    Cars drive in the Congress St bike lane.
    Cars block the box.
    Cars fail to yield to pedestrians.

    Any chance BPD can focus on this area? Fines, signs, police presence, anything to help?

  • Sidewalk Patch Acknowledged
    1 Cambridge St Boston, MA 02114, USA - Downtown
    Broken brick pavers in Government Center Plaza.