Ledbetter & Hampton

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67 west on Ledbetter to Cockrell Hil; North to Keist, and east to Hampton Road

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  • 2064-2280 West Ledbetter Drive Dallas, TX - Southwest Dallas
    There is an INCREDIBLE amount of litter collecting along this street between Hwy 67 and Westmoreland. It has been brought to the attention of TxDot and City of Dallas and no long term solution or responsibility has been taken. I organized a school group to pick up a section of the area in late November and it is already trashed again. The road is VERY busy and the space too narrow for volunteers to maintain. This area needs a regular quarterly sweep by one of these agencies. This is an eyesore and per the mayor's "grow south" initative, this gateway into Oak Cliff needs to be cleaned up! The source of this trash is from the public but also from litter coming off of trucks/trash trucks on Loop 12.
  • Recycle Bin Archived
    3035 Gladiolus Ln Dallas, TX 75233, USA - Southwest Dallas
    The top was ripped off during a pickup and we need a new recycle bin. I'm not sure who to ask. Thanks!
  • 2484 W Kiest Blvd Dallas, TX 75233, USA - Southwest Dallas
    Large pot holes on bridge going across W.Kiest.