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The citizens and neighbors of the Madison Park Area.

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  • Nonaquatic Archived
    5400-5430 Kimmerly Woods Dr Charlotte, NC 28215, USA - Farm Pond
    Located in my neigborhood is a neighborhood pool. In fact it is one of the reasons that I chose to live in this community. This pool has been out of commission for at least five of the eight years that I have lived in this community. It seems that even though I pay HOA fees nothing is being done to get this pool up and running. With midsummer quickly approaching I feel that this will be another year that this pool will be a massive waste of space and even a hazard because even though it has a locked gate if someone reallyy tried they could get in. The pool is suppose to be managed by U.S. Aquatics but I haven't seen any signs of maintenance by them. I am not sure where the buck needs to stop but I am tired of paying by bucks to a service I can't utilize.
  • 2001-2043 Krefeld Dr Matthews, NC 28105, USA - Marshbrooke
    At the Independence Blvd and Krefeld Drive intersection, there is a stop sign. Traffic trying to turn right COULD merge unto Independence Blvd. instead of stopping and having cars trying to cross both lanes to get unto Independence (Westbound). This causes backups of traffic and a dangerous situation as cars coming over the hill on Independence West from Matthews try to dodge cars turning right from Krefeld. My suggestion is to put a MERGE/YIELD sign vs a STOP sign at the Krefeld Intersection so that sensible drivers can merge unto Independence. Also, there should be a warning sign in front of Mission Hills Apartments indicating merging traffic ahead.
  • Scammed Open
    Phone : 1-877-585-Boss (2677)6621 E. Brookside Rd. BROOKSIDE VILLAGE, TX 77581 - Plaza Midwood
    We paid for rebuilt transmission almost $1600.00. I checked them out from the BBB in that town and reviewed everything about them. They sent the wrong transmission and PROMISED to send the correct one. Now we cannot reach them. Cheif of Police said they shut the doors and moved to another state. We live on a limited income. my husbands mother & his sister has tremanal cancer. We have no means to get there. Over 59 complaints has been filed. Please HELP I just can't crying.