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  • Jamison St Battle creek, MI - Brownlee Park
    this is a bus route for handicapped children... We should be embarrassed that we make parents drive this street everyday to school.
  • East Jameson Avenue Battle Creek, MI - Brownlee Park
    This road (Jameson) leads to Doris Klaussen Developmental Center (DKDC) where many of our community's children and young adults with special needs attend. Several school buses come up and down that road two times a day bringing the students to and from school. Is it right to have such precious cargo riding on this very rough street with numerous, gaping potholes and large ruts?
  • potholes Archived
    398-414 Willison Ave Battle Creek, MI 49014, USA - Brownlee Park
  • Poulsen Ave - Brownlee Park
    potholes washout all the timf
  • Jameson Battle Creek, MI - Brownlee Park
    I was appalled the first time I took my child to preschool at Doris Klaussen. The condition of the road is terrible and the county should be ashamed of themselves for keeping that road in its current condition. A lot of these children have medical conditions where the jarring and bumping around on the road can be dangerous. Does the county think that because these children are handicapped, they don't matter? I know for a fact, that if this road went to Harper Creek or Lakeview Schools it definitely would not be in the condition it is in. Let's get our priority's straight.
  • Rook street Archived
    Rook Street Battle Creek, Michigan - Brownlee Park
    Numerous large pot holes on Rook street between Bradford and Raymond road
  • 174 Princeton N battle creek, MI - Brownlee Park
    There are so many huge potholes on the street that if a car approaches you they cant pass by without stopping to let you go first.
  • 400-498 Electric Ave Battle Creek, MI 49014, США - Brownlee Park
    Road is falling apart, have to avoid the paved part to drive through + deep pothole growing
  • 286 Poulsen Ave Battle Creek, MI - Brownlee Park
    damaging road/ down to 1 lane, very serious issue. 1 lane up hill on curve. lost tires being pushed onto side!!!
  • Holey crap Archived
    168 Rook Street Battle Creek, Michigan - Brownlee Park
    Severe potholes.
  • Potholes Archived
    101-199 Cohasset Ave Battle Creek, MI 49014, USA - Brownlee Park
  • Jameson Ave Battle Creek, MI - Brownlee Park
    I can't believe the county has let this road stay in this condition. It is awful. With school buses traveling this road, one would think the Calhoun county would resurface this road ASAP!!!!!!