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  • 38 Russel Dr vernon, CT - Vernon
    my wife an me have lived in our house for over 15 years now and my next door neighbor has been in his house for well over 25. my major concern is that his house looks abandoned he has never done any up keep on it since i have lived here. from the last snow storm his garage has completely collaspe in now, he has holes in the side of the house where i have seen wild animals go in and out of the house,there are trees ,vines,and brush that grow up on the house and right next to it. there is also an in-ground pool in the back yard that is filled with water making it a cess pool. my wife an me cant even go in our back yard in the summer because the bugs an mosgitos are so bad that come from his back yard and this pool.i have made many complaints in town with the building inspector and health dept and they keep sending me back an forth between them, others neighbors an people in the neighborhood have had made complaints about this persons home for many years and nothing is ever done about. there is a blight law in the town but what good is it if no one will up hold it. right now this house has become a very bad saftey an fire hazzard in the neighborhood for all the neighbors an little children around. this house should really be condemed an unsafe to live in. in the spring an summer you cant even see the house from the road because of all the over growth from the trees an brush and its only maybe 30 feet from the road.please help us and my neighbors we need it bad. the town knows about it and how bad bad it is but they dont seem to want do anything about it and always give people the run around about it. please again im begging for some more help with this matter. i am even willing to be home sometime if some one wanted to come over to look at this house an garage to take pictures or video to get this matter taken care of.i dont think any one should have to live next to something like this when its such a very nice neighborhood except for this. thank you for listening and i really hope you guys can help
  • State Highway 533 Vernon, CT - Vernon
    single lane traffic kight with sensors and timers
  • 56-86 S Frontage Rd Vernon Rockville, CT 06066, USA - Vernon

    Headed northeast on S. Frontage Rd, when you approach the intersection with bolton rd. and the on-ramp to I-84 east, there are two lanes. It's not very clear which lane should be used when going straight onto the entrance ramp.. That is, is it meant to be [left and straight] [right], or [left] [straight and right]? I have seen cars do it both ways, and am not sure which is proper.

    I think there's some potential for accidents here if cars from both lanes go straight at the same time. Painting arrows in the lanes would clarify the ambiguity.

  • 39 Diane Dr CT 06066 - Vernon
    Diane drive to Brent drive, to lynn drive, heavy raod cracks, manhole at corner of brent and diane drive sinking with road. storm runoff not draining to catch basins as should as road edges settled over years on brent.
  • 591 Bolton Rd Vernon Rockville, CT - Vernon
    Broken down construction fence, dumpster on premises for months trash in yard
  • Brent Drive Vernon, CT - Vernon
    garbage and clutter at both enterences of tunnel. The state or town could do some beutifying to make the Historical aspect a better sight for the rest of us.
  • Echo Drive Vernon, CT - Vernon
    Branch rips power line from home
  • Graffiti Archived
    Russell Dr Vernon, CT - Vernon
    There is graffiti at the beginning of Russell Dr, near the Tunnel Rd side, on electrical boxes on both sides of the street. It looks like one side of the boxes was cleaned (you can still see some residue) but the other side still has graffiti on it. Is this something that CL&P would take care of or is this a town issue?
  • Valley Falls Rd. Vernon Rockville, CT - Vernon
    Someone has apparently dumped tires along the side of the road, and in the woods, spread over much of the length of the road. There are probably 6 or 7 of them that I noticed while driving along.
  • 212 Risley Rd Vernon Rockville, CT, 06066, USA - Vernon
    Street light out for several months across from 212 Risley Rd, vernon