Steele Creek

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  • Hedges Archived
    8910 Gerren Court - Continental US
    I have been contacting my Homeowners assoc for the past 2 years to try to get my hedges trimmed on a regular basis. It seems to be a very difficult task for them complete. I email a Manager Anne Holcombe who told me she was leaving the compnay who then referred me to the new Manager, who tells me they will be cut before the Memorial Day Weekend. Well... That was not done yet. I have hedges that are sticking out of my railing as I walk out of my door. The maintence of our property should be maintained by William Douglas Management. I should not be out shopping for a hedge trimmer if I pay HOA'S. Help me please.
    Last year after complaining they came out and cut the hedges 1 time that year. I need your help in getting this resolved.
    I have picture to show as well.
    Thanking you in advance
  • 13001-13019 Sledge Rd Charlotte, NC 28278, USA - Charlotte
    The intersection of Sledge and Steele Creek Road needs an traffic light or major overhaul. The speed limit in the area is 50 mph with a tight, low-visibility turn. Additionally, cars will attempt to turn left onto Sledge from northbound Steele Creek, only to find that there's no room in the "entrance" portion of the intersection, thereby blocking southbound traffic.
  • 3917 Sandy Porter Rd Charlotte, NC 28273, USA - Continental US
    Sidewalk needed on Sandy Porter rd. between Arrowood Rd and Shopton rd., there are three schools along Sandy Porter rd. and no sidewalk along this area. This is a safety hazard for anyone walking. I don't believe there would be another area in Charlotte with three schools and no sidewalk.
  • Brown Griere Rd Sw Charlotte - Continental US
    Kennedy Middle School, Steele Creek Elementary and Olympic high school are all in walking distance to each other (Brown-Greir Rd and Sandy Porter). There are several communities in this area, and the area is growing. Why are there no sidewalks going to these schools on the roads? It is dangerous for kids and parents who walk to the area to go to school and events. the community is fortunate that nothing serious has happened with no sidewalks for these students.
  • John Price Road Charlotte, NC 28204, USA - Charlotte
    Near socrates square shopping center, small road off John Price Road is so overgrown it's hard to drive on.
    Recipe for a dangerous one stepping up to clean it up
  • 9021 Steele Creek Rd Charlotte, NC 28273, USA - Continental US
    has nothing to do with potholes, but can you investigate all the accidents here at Steele Creek and exit 4 (Fort Mill exit ) off 485, and help push for a traffic light, i call and call...was told not enough accidents have happened yet...thats ridiculous!!
  • 10200-10208 Steele Creek Rd Charlotte, NC 28273, USA - Charlotte
    deep pothole in southbound lane
  • 5253-5799 N Carolina 160 Charlotte, NC 28217, USA - Charlotte

    This road needs to be repaved. It is in deplorable conditions.

    If I wanted to drive on roads this bad I'd move to Cuba!

    The entire stretch needs to be repaved not patched up with that cheap asphalt filler you keep using. Stop wasting my tax dollars on patches and give me the roads I am paying for.

  • 10243-10341 S Tryon St Charlotte, NC 28273, USA - Charlotte
    on Hwy 49 and York Center Rd..Sonic on one side of the road and Cookout on the other..really could use a traffic's so very dangerous! But it wouldn't surprise me if nothing is done until there is a serious wreck on someone is killed.
  • 13200-13278 Choate Cir Charlotte, NC 28273, USA - Yorkshire
    At the intersection of Choate Circle and S. Tryon St. there is a problem with people making an extra left-turn lane out of a lane that has a huge light-up sign that clearly shows a right-turn arrow and the word "only". This lane should be for right turns only. I use this road every day when leaving work and I know it will end up causing an accident, if it hasn't already. Please tell me why people think it is ok to make a left turn from the right turn lane!
  • 12825 Sam Neely Rd Charlotte, NC 28273, USA - Charlotte
    There is a dire need of a stop light/traffic signal at this intersection. There are many businesses and housing communities that enter and exit this road, as well, there have been many accidents. It is extremely dangerous to turn left onto Steele Creek Road from Sam Neely Rd and other drivers aren't always so nice to allow traffic to turn. I just don't want there to be any deaths that occur from there not being a traffic light installed at this intersection.
  • Byrum Rd Charlotte, NC - Eagle Lake
    They are now patching the road but will they ever put new all new asphalt down fro Yorkmont to 160?