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Alexandria City - Del Ray, Rosemont, Old Town, Beverly Hills areas

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  • Potomac Ave And Main Line Alexandria, VA - Potomac Yard-Potomac Greens
    I'm not sure what hour of the day the lights need to be solid red, but certainly in the early morning and late evening, the lights do not need to be solid red. I understand traffic is changing - when there are cars coming, I'll be happy to sit at a light. For now, I just keep missing the light to get on Hwy 1 going south. Bummer.
  • 99 E Del Ray Ave Alexandria, VA 22301, USA - Potomac West
    several cars have been abandoned within one block of this location (including on Del Ray Ave and Clyde Ave) for years including one vw bug, 2 pontiacs and one ford thunderbird. these eye sores appear to belong to the residents of 103 E Del Ray Avenue. the cars never move and several have flat tires
  • 2901 3015 Mt Vernon Ave Alexandria, VA 22305, USA - Potomac West
    There are cross walk lights in place but they are not turned on. As a walkable community we need working pedestrian cross walks so people know when it is safe to cross the street. It is not possible to even see the traffic light from the side of the street due to the angle of the lights.
  • Jefferson Davis Hwy Alexandria, VA - Potomac Yard-Potomac Greens
    The new Monroe Ave. Bridge is a great improvement except for the addition of a mandatory right turn on the north end. Car's coming north in the right-most lane are typically not seeing the few signs, and end up abruptly trying to move over into the left lane. They could change the highway markings to a solid stripe on the bridge and add a few painted right turns.
  • 1900-1916 King St Alexandria, VA 22314, USA - King St Metro
    The tiles closest to the track have been falling apart during the past several weeks. This can not be safe!
  • 901 Princess St Alexandria, VA 22314, USA - Braddock Road Metro
    Stop sign is obscured by tree.
  • 1820-1898 Cameron St Alexandria, VA - King St Metro
    The city planted several trees along Cameron Street three years ago. They were never watered and died. The city subsequently removed the trees, but never replaced them. It would be great to plant new ones (and secure commitments from neighbors to help the city water them until the plantings are established).
  • Slaters Ln Alexandria, VA - Northeast
    There are numerous, large pot holes in the center of westbound Slaters Lane. This creates a dangerous situation when drivers in vehicles taking a right turn onto Slaters Lane from the George Washington Memorial Parkway abruptly apply their brakes or swerve upon hitting the pot holes.
  • Seminary Rd Ramp To 395n Alexandria, VA - Old Town
    The on ramp to 395 from Seminary Road traveling west is in bad need of repaving.
  • 806 Slaters Lane Alexandria, VA - Northeast
    Residents at apartment complex are unnecessarily forced to always leave to the south, entering a warren of one-way streets and stop lights, instead of being able to make an easy and safe right or left onto Slater's Lane.
  • Cameron Street alexandria, va - King St Metro
    three streetlights out on cameron street near metro entrance. Very dark at night!
  • dead tree Archived
    Va-7 1101-1149 Alexandria, Virginia - Old Town
    dead street tree