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  • 22 Lee Rd Sharon - Town of Sharon
    forgot rash last week and this week
  • 212 S Main St Sharon, Massachusetts - Town of Sharon
    Wire is hanging at neck level, which seems very dangerous. I don't know which company's wire is hanging. Thank you!
  • 163 North Main Street Sharon, Massachusetts - Town of Sharon
    The northbound lane crossing light is not functioning.
  • 224 South Main Street Sharon, MA - Town of Sharon
  • Street Lights Archived
    1-9 Canton St Sharon, MA, 02067, USA - Town of Sharon
    There should really be red yellow green lights at this location, especially during 7 to 9 am and 4 to 7 pm
  • Water Issues Archived
    2 Suffolk Rd Sharon, MA 02067, USA - Town of Sharon
    Break #5 for Suffolk Road.
  • Sampson Park Sharon, MA, USA - Town of Sharon
    The nets of the basketball courts have come undone. Can they be put back up today please? Thank you!
  • Potholes Archived
    66 Ashcroft Rd Sharon 02067 United States - Town of Sharon
  • Potholes Archived
    Sharon High School Sharon, Massachusetts - Town of Sharon
    2nd try - hole(lined with black corrugated plastic ) very close to fence line between field and neighboring homes. Random, unprotected and I fell right in it. About knee deep for me. Hopefully no injuries to me or my dog, but someone else may not be so lucky. I tried to mark it with a stick and a"flag" of trash Papers. Happy to show someone, as it is completely camouflaged by leaves now.
  • 88 Cottage St Sharon, MA, 02067, USA - Town of Sharon
    There is a frequently used crosswalk on Cottage as you approach Ames street that has no lighting. Drivers cannot see people in the crosswalk. A light is sorely needed to prevent accidents.
  • 126 East St Sharon, MA, 02067, USA - Town of Sharon

    I live on 126 East St in Sharon, and our trash was not picked up yesterday, August 4th, because the town of Sharon was doing construction on our street and, therefore, the garbage and recycling trucks were not able to access our trash and recycling. 

    We have called a few times now and we were told that someone would be here yesterday, and then someone said they would be here today to pick it up, but no one has come. 

    Can you please confirm when our trash and recycling will be picked up? We cannot wait another week and will never be able to catch up. Since this was not our fault, and it was Sharon that was doing the construction in front of our house, there should be some kind of workaround for this. 

  • 147 Pond St Sharon, MA, 02067, USA - Town of Sharon
    The sidewalks on Pond Street from Chestnut south to the high school hasn't yet been cleared. This is extremely dangerous for school children walking to school forced to walk in the busy street now since the sidewalk has now iced over. Why was this area not cleared yesterday when the schools were closed? Why wasn't it cleared before the schools were reopened today. Perhaps the route and prioritization of sidewalk clearing should be reevaluated.