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  • 22 Lee Rd Sharon - Town of Sharon
    forgot rash last week and this week
  • 212 S Main St Sharon, Massachusetts - Town of Sharon
    Wire is hanging at neck level, which seems very dangerous. I don't know which company's wire is hanging. Thank you!
  • 163 North Main Street Sharon, Massachusetts - Town of Sharon
    The northbound lane crossing light is not functioning.
  • 224 South Main Street Sharon, MA - Town of Sharon
  • Water Issues Archived
    2 Suffolk Rd Sharon, MA 02067, USA - Town of Sharon
    Break #5 for Suffolk Road.
  • 19 Lee Road Sharon, Massachusetts - Town of Sharon
    water from faucet is very brown in appearance and doesn't look suitable for drinking, cooking or even bathing.
  • 29 Glendale Rd Sharon, Massachusetts - Town of Sharon
    This is a very dangerous situation as two cars driving past each other could easily collide as there is no way to avoid the mounds of sheer ice that have been created from this illegal dumping. It needs to stop immediately.
  • Water Issues Acknowledged
    21 Lee Rd Sharon, Massachusetts - Town of Sharon
    Water pooling at the end of the driveway/property with no storm drain access nearby.
  • Mbta-Sharon 1 Upland Rd, Sharon, MA, 02067, USA - Town of Sharon
    WASP NEST. Boston side of tracks, behind handicap parking. It's built around the metal grate so it cannot just be knocked down. I didn't know where to file this.
  • Potholes Archived
    63 Ashcroft Road Sharon 02067 - Town of Sharon
    Large/deep oval pothole created by Town plowing. About 4 inches deep-bike killer. Bottom is soft, appears to be continuing to erode and undermine surrounding asphalt (quick inspection when dry, before last week ‘s snow)
  • 4 Norfolk Pl Sharon, MA, 02067, USA - Town of Sharon

    Why is the Town of Sharon allowing my neighbor Donald Rovaldi to
    operate anIllegal Junkyard //Scrap Metal Business within the Town at 4 Norfolk Place.

    Its not just unregistered vehicles, its a whole host of metallic items that are left out in the weather and could be starting to effect the drinking water in town.

  • Potholes Archived
    Sharon High School Sharon, Massachusetts - Town of Sharon
    2nd try - hole(lined with black corrugated plastic ) very close to fence line between field and neighboring homes. Random, unprotected and I fell right in it. About knee deep for me. Hopefully no injuries to me or my dog, but someone else may not be so lucky. I tried to mark it with a stick and a"flag" of trash Papers. Happy to show someone, as it is completely camouflaged by leaves now.