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Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute is the nation%u2019s oldest technological university. The university offers degrees from five schools: Engineering; Science; Architecture; Humanities, Arts, and Social Sciences; and the Lally School of Management & Technology; as well as an interdisciplinary degree in Information Technology.

Institute programs serve undergraduates, graduate students, and working professionals around the world. The Institute%u2019s long-standing reputation drew students from 39 st

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  • Hoosick Street Troy, NY 12180, USA - Frear Park

    Hoosick Street has inadequate crosswalks. People have been killed trying to cross this street. The city painted new lines last fall and they are almost entirely worn off.

    The city or DOT needs to install heavy duty crosswalk material to represent the heavy duty usage of one of the areas busiest roadways.

  • Sage Ave Troy, NY - Troy

    Someone had made this an issue recently but it has disappeared.

    I think it warrants being republished because of what a mess the troy record website has become.

    I tried counting how many advertisements are jammed on the main page but there are so many that I gave up! They have every kind of ad imaginable... pop ups, pop unders, pop over, animations, clickables, and more!

    After I leave the troy record website I have to close the pop up ads that have opened themselves in a new browser behind the main page. Today it is a netflix and a life insurance. It's enough to make me want to scream.

    It is obvious that the troy records NEWS website isn't about NEWS... it is about making money on advertising. They should really rethink what the website should be about. Is it about making a few bucks off the annoying advertisements or is it about being a useful place for local people to get their news?

    Look at the TU's website. They know their role.

  • Oakwood Ave From Frear Pk To Hoosick St. Troy, NY - Frear Park

    Oakwood Ave is a very, very busy truck route. Along with 1000's of passenger vehicles, 18 wheelers travel up and down this road all day and night.

    Most residents of Oakwood ave have on-street parking only.

    Since the city only pushes the snow toward the curb (into our parking spaces) and doesn't REMOVE the snow, residents are forced to park partially in the travel lane!

    My vehicle was hit yesterday. I was parked as far out of the travel lane as I could get. My wheels were in the snowbank. The now banks are encroaching into the street roughly 2-4 feet away from the curbs.

    The police had to waste time to come make out a report when they could have been doing something productive.

    Does the city have any big snow blowing machines (like Albany has) that chew up and spit out the snow into an adjacent dump truck? If Troy has snow removal equipment, why isn't it being utilized? Especially, in busy, dangerous places like Oakwood Ave.

  • 302 Hoosick St Troy, NY 12180, USA - Frear Park
    Route 7 (Hoosick Street) from the bottom of Alternate Rte. 7 to the intersection of South/North Lake Avenues is horrendous! Bump after bump and pothole after pothole. I drive this route everyday to get to I-87N, and I'm surprised my car is still in one piece.
  • Hoosick Street Troy, NY - Troy
    If you drive down Hoosick St. from the M&T Bank, stay in the left lane, because the right lane has manhole covers that are very deep and your car will need an alignment before you make it to Big Lots on Hoosick St.
  • Georgian Terrace - Troy
    Troy Police need to attend an event at the new stadium behind the Field House. The PA system can be heard clearly more than a half mile away. If a vehicle with a too loud stereo or a motorcycle with a loud exhaust can be ticketed, why not the RPI administration. TURN IT DOWN!
  • Burdett Ave & Sage Ave(11941) Troy, NY 12180, USA - Troy
    any child who attends troy middle school is at risk!!!! people are flying in a school zone and never yield to kids in cross walks. i have witness many children being yield at by drivers as the try to cross in the cross walk. nys law says yield but not even the bus drivers are. we really need some signs to remind drivers of the law or maybe tickets should be issued. something really has to be done before we have a died child. please our children are to precious to waste.
  • Huge potholes Archived
    816 Federal St Troy, NY 12180, USA - Troy
    There are several, large, deep potholes forming along both sides of the road.
  • Sage Ave Troy, NY 12180, USA - Troy
    Need to prohibit/limit on-street parking by the student dorms until snow is completely cleared to the curb. With snow, this two-way street cannot accommodate two lane travel.
  • Hoosick St. Troy NY - Frear Park
    The lights on either side of the Price Chopper plaza stay red for an unusally long time causing a significant delay for travelers. Most people cutting through the parking lots to avoid these lights.
  • #1-17 Eaton Road - Troy
    Several street lights in a row are burned out along Eaton Road, including one at the corner of Eaton and Sage Avenue.