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Why was the "Continous right turn on red" in the Westbound lane of RT611 (Colorado) removed?

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    Rt 301 And Abbe Rd. - Sheffield
    The State has cut two left turn lanes down to one at Rt 301 (Abbe Rd), Southbound at Rt 611. This has caused a major tieup for the Southbound traffic on Abbe Rd. The whole idea of the two left turn lanes was to help traffic to keep moving when the Ford Plant let out and when truck traffic backs up coming from Ford and other places in Sheffield Lake.
  • 5315-5397 Colorado Ave Sheffield Lake, OH 44054, USA - Sheffield
    Prior to the screwup of the changing of the traffic flow at RT 611 (Colorado) and RT 301 (Abbe Rd), there was a sign , in the West bound RT 611, stating "Continous right turn, on Red, with caution". Now that sign is gone and a LOT of people still make the continous right turn. Why was the sign removed? That was a good idea.