Orange County, NC

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  • N Estes Dr Carrboro, NC - Carrboro
    There are potholes for a good 50 meters on Estes Drive from the intersection at N. Greensboro.
  • Graffiti Archived
    Booker Creek Greenway Chapel Hill, NC - Chapel Hill
    Please paint over the anti-police graffiti at the greenway (about halfway between Tadley & Franklin streets).
  • 1462-1498 E Franklin St Chapel Hill, North Carolina - Chapel Hill
    Light too long
  • 2423 Rosewood Ct Chapel Hill, North Carolina - Chapel Hill
  • 209-223 Highway 54 Carrboro, North Carolina - Continental US
    There is a sign in the westbound lane, just before the park, that would be OK in England, but not where we drive on the right., it shows traffic on the left.
  • 2 Briar Bridge Ln Chapel Hill, NC 27516, USA - Chapel Hill


    It is very difficult to take a left turn onto Briar Bridge lane when on a bicycle due to the high speed that vehicles turn onto Columbia from Pittsboro Street. Measures to slow the vehicles down or create a road diet system on columbia street would greatly enhance the safety of the road for other users not in a vehicle.

  • 225 Culbreth Road Chapel Hill, NC - Chapel Hill
    At 8:00 every weekday the entrance to Culbreth Middle School is an extremely dangerous intersection. Parents in cars wait in line heading toward 15-501 in the regular lane of traffic and parents wait in line in the turn lane of traffic heading toward Smith Level Road. Cars which are not turning into Culbreth move into the turn lane heading toward 15-501 and illegally pass the cars that are waiting to turn right into the school. Cars exiting the school after dropping off children cannot see the cars that have illegally entered the turn lane to pass the waiting cars and near collisions occur everyday. Further, the cars turning right into Culbreth only yield to the cars turning left into Culbreth approximately every fourth car. The intersection desperately needs a traffic light for school hours or a policeman to direct traffic. This is a tragedy waiting to happen. A policeman is on duty at Culbreth at that time of day. Could he direct traffic? He has in the past. Someone is going to get hurt - possibly killed by this problem.
  • Cosgrove Avenue Chapel Hill, NC 27514, USA - Chapel Hill
    Light at Sage Rd & Lowe's has a malfunction causing traffic on Sage to stop unnecessarily.
  • Dead Deer Archived
    103 Market St Chapel Hill, NC - Chapel Hill
    There is a dead deer that has been here for a few days!
  • 401-499 Market Street Chapel Hill, NC - Chapel Hill
    Stopped to catch the bus here today; lots of water coming through the top of shelter closest to road despite only modest amount of rainfall. Bench soaked, customers unable to sit.
  • Roadkill Archived
    1483 Ephesus Church Rd Chapel Hill, NC - Chapel Hill
    Dead Possum in road
  • Weaver Dairy And Hwy 86 Chapel Hill, NC - Chapel Hill