Riverbend (West Natomas), CA

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Area in Sacramento, CA and Natomas, CA bordered by Interstate 5, Interstate 80 and the Sacramento River.

Notified About

  • 2891 Unity Point Avenue Sacramento, CA - Willowcreek

    One of the tennis courts tennis net is missing for two weeks now. Taken down by a group of people playing soccer in the evenings on Mon-Wed. Could you please fix the nets and let sheriff know about misuse of the courts.

    - Still NOT FIXED - 30 days and Counting! Would take 1 hour to fix at the most!

  • 1536-1748 Garden Highway Sacramento, CA 95833, USA - Gateway Center
    The bicycle path on the north side of garden highway was severed at one point in time (probably for underground pipes) then poorly repaired, the result is a bicycle path with an unavoidable divot along the entire path. This is a safety concern, it has the potential to cause an accident for someone not prepared for this, such as a situation of distraction or low light/poor visibility
  • 2821 River Plaza Dr. Sacramento, CA - Willowcreek
    The entire street on River Plaza Dr. is pitch black at night with about 4 to 5 street lights not working. I have observed this for a about a week now.
  • 2923 W River Dr Sacramento, CA - Willowcreek
    Tennis net is torn up on the top on one court and the light is out on the other.
  • Graffiti Archived
    Dwight D. Eisenhower Highway Sacramento, CA 95833, USA - Willowcreek
    Lots of graffiti recently appeared on the brick wall at I-80 & W El Camino
  • Fire Hazard Archived
    2371 Barandas Drive Sacramento, CA 95833, USA - Willowcreek
    Dry weeds are overgrown and pose a fire hazard to nearby homes.
  • Other Archived
    3463 Delta Queen Ave. Sacramento Ca. 95833 - Willowcreek
    Sprinklers on and it's not an approved day to water. Water running down the gutter all the way down the street
  • 3321 Sweet Maple Way Sacramento, CA 95833, USA - Willowcreek
  • 2301 River Plaza Dr Sacramento, California - Gateway Center
  • 2580 West El Camino Avenue Sacramento, CA 95833, USA - Metro Center
    A wrecked vehicle is abandoned here
  • 2606 Gateway Oaks Dr Sacramento, CA 95833, USA - Gateway Center
    There are trees out in front of this building that are hanging into the pathway of the sidewalk and are hitting people in the face when they walk by on the sidewalk. They need to be trimmed back.
  • Golden State Hwy Sacramento, CA 95833, USA - Gateway Center
    There is a large amount of garbage left behind by the homeless or construction workers, making the sidewalk and grass look unsightly. Garbage includes clothes and cardboard.