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  • Maxwell Dr Clifton Park, NY 12065, USA - Clifton Park
    Heading south on Maxwell towards 146, the light at Park turns red when nobody is coming from any other direction. The north-bound traffic always seem to get a green left-turn arrow whether anybody is turing left on to Park or not. Then the south-bound traffic will get the green.
  • 715-749 New York 146a Clifton Park, NY 12065, USA - Clifton Park
    there needs to be a stop light on Kinns Road and Rt 146A. Early morning traffic and sun glare make it difficult to turn left.
  • Intersection Of Grooms & Moe Road Clifton Park, NY 12065, USA - Clifton Park
    Consider putting in a right turn only lane. The traffic backs up on Grooms Road at the intersection of Moe Road and installing a RIGHT TURN ONLY lane would alleviate much of the back up.
  • 748-812 State Highway 146 Clifton Park, NY 12065, USA - Clifton Park
    Numerous cars on Rte. 146, on a daily basis, run the yellow-to-red light. This creates a dangerous condition for the first cars in line waiting to cross 146 or turn left. I have seen troopers & sheriff's ignore this problem. Maybe if tickets were handed out daily, this practice would stop.
  • 1645-1671 New York 146 Rexford, NY 12148, USA - Clifton Park
    This intersection, specifically, the condition of the pavement, is inexcusable. Years of neglect, temporary patches on top of temporary patches, a road resurfacing with a "bump" when heading east or west into Glenville/Clifton Park. Please, at the very least, re-surface the entire intersection.
  • I-87 Between Exit 8 And Exit 2 Albany County, Saratoga County, NY - Clifton Park

    Much of the rush hour traffic on the Northway is from commuters who are trying to get between Saratoga County and Albany or I-90. The various ramps for Exits 2-7, and the subsequent merging that needs to take place, only slows everyone down.

    I imagine it would easy congestion if the Northway had a fourth lane in each direction.

    It would be especially helpful if this was an "express" lane (or HOV lane) separated from the rest of the Northway along this stretch to avoid lane-changing and merging. Long-distance commuters shouldn't have to get tangled up with the Latham and Colonie traffic.

  • 604-608 State Highway 146 Clifton Park, NY 12065, USA - Clifton Park
    For traffic traveling west on Rt. 146, traffic from the I-87SB exit 9W ramp to 146WB, whose destination is Clifton Country Rd., create a very dangerous situation when they try to merge left. I have close calls just about every day when (in most cases) a SUV decides they don't need to look or yield to traffic when crossing multiple lanes, or at the least use their blinker to let me know where they want to go. I find myself using my horn quite often here.
    I also notice a lot of cars whose destination is also Clifton Country Rd. actually come to a complete stop in the same on-ramp to 146 (after the yield sign) which creates another dangerous situation for those behind them.
    What options have been considered by the NYSDOT for this area, if any?
  • Adirondack Northway Clifton Park, NY - Halfmoon, NY

    The construction speed limit is 45 MPH through the Construction Zone on the Twin Bridges.

    However, each time I have driven along this stretch where the lanes are reduced from 6 lanes down to 2 lanes, I have seen multiple drivers SPEEDING through the work zone at approximately 70-75 MPH!

    I don't think there are even any "SPEEDING FINES DOUBLED FOR SPEEDING IN WORK ZONES" signs at this construction site!

    I always reduce my speed at work zones because they are so dangerous. But when I do, the drivers behind me tailgate and flash their high beams, and are just very agressive and have road rage! This is unacceptable, and these menacing drivers need to be punished!!!

    I also haven't seen any POLICE VEHICLES patrolling the Construction Zone, and their absence allows angry, discourteous, impatient drivers to get away with SPEEDING and someone is going to get killed!

    I think the construction zone speed limit should be reduced EVEN FURTHER, down to 35MPH in this harrowing, dangerous area, where NUMEROUS fatalities take place on a regular basis!!!

  • Balltown Rd Rexford, NY 12148, USA - Clifton Park
    Between Glenridge and Aqueduct (including the bridge), 146 desperately needs to be widened to 4 lanes. The properties along this road could easily lose one lane of property without negatively impacting their postage stamp. Please strongly consider this as traffic is atrocious.
  • Intersection Of Ushers Road And Wooddale Drive - Clifton Park
    There needs to be either a traffic light or stop sign placed on USHERS ROAD at Wood Dale Drive. The traffic is easily moving at 10 mph over the speed limit at most times of the day. [It's almost as if it is a very long on and off ramp to the Northway] making it hazardous for people/children to cross Ushers Road to get to the pedestrian foot path. As a local law enforcement officer put it, catching traffic violators on Ushers Road is as easy as hunting baby seals. The BRICK entrance marker to the Country Knolls development has been completely plowed down by drivers twice in the last ten years. Please change something here before someone is seriously injured or killed.
  • Adirondack Northway Clifton Park, NY 12065, USA - Halfmoon, NY
    The Grooms Rd. sign on I-87 northbound is very dirty and can hardly be seen at night, and especially not when it's raining or snowing! It should either be cleaned or replaced immediately!
  • 469 Kinns Rd Clifton Park, NY 12065, USA - Clifton Park
    There is a need for a traffic light at the corner of Kinns Rd. and the Twilight Dr. entrance to Country Knolls South. How do we make this happen?