Japantown Business Associaton San Jose

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  • Civic Center San Jose, CA 95110, USA - Downtown
    VTA Bus stop 66 & 181bench needs fixing to prevent tearing of clothes.
  • 190 Ryland St. San Jose, California - Downtown
    There are multiple homeless camps at both ends of Ryland St. (at the park and under the freeway overpass). The camp under the over pass has grown from one homeless person to at least three and they have taken over the entire sidewalk.
    There are also multiple RV's and vans in various stages of disrepair that are parked along the street at all hours of the day with people living in them. The RV owners have opened street lights on Santa Teresa and tapped into their wiring for power to their vehicles.
    The area is becoming dirty, unpleasant, and unsafe to walk through, even during the day.
  • Street light Archived
    52-74 Bassett Street San Jose, California - Downtown
    In this case, the street light is still on. It wasn't working last week. But it's 1.16 pm now and the light is still on.
  • 636. Missison. - Downtown
    Before picture by 8 v
  • 604 Jackson St San Jose, CA 95112, USA - Downtown
    someone isn't taking out the trash
  • 850 N 2nd St San Jose, CA 95112, USA - Downtown
    Parking in a No Stopping zone adjacent to Peter Burnett school. The street parking narrows the right hand lane to unsafe conditions.
  • 885 N. 14th St. San Jose, CA - Downtown
  • 752 N 15th Street San Jose, CA - Downtown
    The Street Light is not working located at nearest 752 N 15th Street. It makes for a very dark home entry. It's been this way for much too long. Please repair immediately as there is now also suspicious activity happening in the area.
  • 571 Mariani Lane San Jose, CA - Downtown
  • 535 N Seventh St San Jose CA 95112, United States - Downtown
    Tagging on wall and nearby K-Rail
  • 456 North 3rd Street San Jose, CA - Downtown
    On third Street there are six street lights out all next to one another.
    11L524,11L523,11L1028,11L1049, 11L1053, 11L1055
  • 469 N. 12th Street San Jose, CA - Downtown
    Please can you fix the light ASAP.....it is very dark and there are lots of kids that play out front. Also for security reasons. It lights up part of my driveway.