East Hartford Tea Party '09

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  • I- 384 East Hartford, CT - East Hartford
    When going to Manchester from E. Hartford on Silver Lane/Spencer Street, there is an on ramp on the right to go to I-384. There is a traffic light there. When the light is red, so one stops at it. They just go about 60 MPH right through the red light. When the light is red, it may mean that pedestrians/bicyclists are crossing. If they do not know about people not stopping at the red light, they may just proceed across. They cannot see if anyone is going through the light, as cars that are stopped there to go straight are blocking their view. Not sure if this will help, as no one obeys no turn on red signs, but it's a start.
  • Road repair Acknowledged
    2-52 Oak St East Hartford, CT 06118, USA - East Hartford
    50 Oak St. MDC dug up the road in the winter to repair a broken water main. The patch job from is so bad people are constantly crossing over the yellow line into the on coming lane to avoid driving over a VERY poorly patched road....Please help
  • Traffic Light Acknowledged
    876 Main St East Hartford, CT 06108 - East Hartford
    Needs a green left arrow at the light to alievate traffic that is backed up by those turning onto Governor Street.
  • Goodwin St. East Hartford, CT - East Hartford
    goodwin &school, legit& goodwin,all good win st.
  • Dead Tree Archived
    25 Bodwell Rd East Hartford, CT 06108 - East Hartford
    Dead Tree Hazard in front of 25 Bodwell Road
  • Prospect St East Hartford, CT 06108 - East Hartford
    Some of the signs enforcing the thru truck ban ordinance on Prospect St. Have been removed and the thru truck traffic has been increasing. The Police cannot enforce 24 hours a day so the signs at the end of the Gov. St exit and the large signs at the corner of Governer and Prospect St. need to go back up. The ordinance was put into affect after a child was hit by a truck. - We don;t need another tragedy. It also adversely affect s the quality of life for the Prospect St. residents due to noise and vibrations. Can we have the signs back ?
  • Graffiti Archived
    Oak Street East Hartford, CT - East Hartford
    There has been a deer crossing sign covered in graffiti for over 5 years now. Its an eyesore and you can't even see the photo on the sign in an area where deer often cross to access Porter Brook. Is this fixable? The sign is located heading south on Oak Street, just before the intersection of Farnham Drive. Thank you
  • 76 Oak St. 06118 - East Hartford
    Somebody set up a stand in a residential area of E. Hartford and is selling pocketbook
  • Clement Rd East Hartford, CT 06118 - East Hartford
    Potholes, cracks, uneven pavement, especially at the Silver intersection make this a dangerous intersection for cars, bicycles, and pedestrians.
  • Main And Silver Lane East Hartford, CT - East Hartford
    For pedestrians and bicyclists crossing Main Street at Silver Lane, the time from when the icon turns white and the audible beep starts is barely 10 seconds. This is a wide street, and even on a bike you barely make it. This traffic light should be lengthened so people can cross without fearing for their lives. It's called a crosswalk for a reason, should favor the crosser.
  • Good Win St. East Hartford, CT - East Hartford
    a lot no stopping,multiple cars going threw at once and speeding
  • Maple St East Hartford, CT - East Hartford
    The sign for Goodwin park is broken and in need of repair.