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  • 100 -- 400 Blocks Of East Walnut Lane Philadelphia, PA - Germantown
    Daycare center serving 60 families on 300 block of East Walnut Lane is a nightmare to try to reach after a snow storm.
  • 305 E Walnut Lane Philadelphia, PA - Germantown
    NEC Walnut Lane & Morton - brick sidewalk on corner property that has been allowed to become overgrown with grass and weeds and is in general disrepair. Exposed brick is narrow footpath with grass/weeds covering remainder of brick. Uneven brick path is as narrow as approx 18 inches most of the way around the corner. Additionally, property is often strewn with trash on Walnut Lane exposure and overgrown vegetation from property partly blocks sidewalk. Neighborhood is home to many elderly and disabled persons. Children's daycare is just north of property on Walnut Lane.
  • 5742 Pulaski Ave Philadelphia, PA 19144 - Germantown
    Abandoned gas station owned by Fresh Grocer is a nuisance to surrounding area.
    Illegal 'Planet-Aid' dumpsters have turned the corner into a public dump. Owner refuses to clean up property .
  • 6222-6238 Pennsylvania 4003 Philadelphia, Pennsylvania - East Falls
    Has been a dangerous construction site for weeks, now impassible on foot—no sidewalk what so ever as a dumpster is now on what was once the sidewalk + the street. Pedestrians now have to walk into the very busy Wissahickon Avenue to get through. It's a mess.
  • 253 W Haines Street Philadelphia, PA - Germantown

    The residents at 253 W Haines street drive a commercial vehicle with a very loud backup beeper.

    Between the hours of 7am and 12am, 7days a week, this vehicle generates 97db of beeping noise, less than 10feet from residential housing. Furthermore the vehicle is often left in reverse for extended periods of time.

    Philadelphia noise code states:

    "10-401. Legislative Findings. (1) The City Council of the City of Philadelphia finds: (a) that noise and excessive vibration degrade the environment of the City to a degree which: (.1) is harmful and detrimental to the health, welfare and safety of its inhabitants; (.2) interferes with the comfortable enjoyment of life, property and recreation and with the conduct and operation of business and industry; and (.3) causes nuisances;"

    It its not fair that law-abiding citizens are unable to enjoy any peace and quiet while resting at home.

  • 310 W Chelten Avenue Philadelphia, PA - Germantown

    Pulaski partners has had the sidewalk closed for weeks, forcing pedestrians out beyond the row of parked cars into the bike lane.

    There is also no clearance between the fence and septa bus parking, forcing peds into busy traffic in front of idling buses.

    I want the PPD and LI to investigate. I will forward this issue to the feds as an ADA compliance issue.

    City Council, we're fed up with your inaction. You push your pet projects but provide no oversight. DRM, what happened to abiding by your oath of office? You represent the builders and lawyers but blatantly ignore your constituents.

  • 140 W Price St Philadelphia, PA - Germantown
    This building has been vacant for at least 10 years and for the past 3 years the present owner of this blighted building has stood by allowing its decay. The risk of collapse is accelerating (as seen by the propped up wall with a rotted timber) All interior floors have collapsed into the basement and it is at great risk of falling down. The owner has been recently dumping construction debris from other jobsites in the side yard. Under all of the weeds & vines climbing this structure is a CRUMBLING RISKY STRUCTURE!
    L&I Please take this seriously.
  • Abandoned car Acknowledged
    High St And Magnolia Ave Philadelphia, PA 19144, USA - Germantown

    White car has been on the corner and not moved for the past 21 days. Appears to be abandoned.
    white ford escort,
    pa state plate ecw 4651, nothing broken, looks drivable 14th police district

    High St and Magnolia Ave,Philadelphia,PA 19144,USA

  • 5800 Pulaski Avenue Philadelphia, PA - Germantown
    The EP Guidi company who is doing the construction at the site of the old Fresh Grocer has been abusing the start times in the morning. They have often started as early as 5 and 5:30 am on the weekdays, and this Saturday (the first I've seen them work on a Sat) they started at 7:30 am. As far as I know, the legal start time is at 7am weekdays, and 8am weekends. The project manager has been contacted, and things were okay for about a week. But they do not seem to adhere to the correct start time for long. Other neighbors have complained to me, but I am not sure that anyone else has contacted the company or the city. I did both, but so far it has not helped much. I just want these guys to stick to what they know is the legal starting time. To start at 5am is just abusing the system and showing total disregard for the sleeping neighbors.
  • 100 -- 400 Blocks Of East Walnut Lane Philadelphia, PA - Germantown
    A daycare center serving over 60 families is a nightmare to reach!!
  • 253 W Haines Street Philadelphia, PA 19144, USA - Germantown

    Every weekday morning between 8:30-9am a large bus from 'Keystone Quality Transport' idles outside of our front door and impatiently honks its horn between 1 and 20 times.

    This has been ongoing for over a year.

    I have contacted the owners of this vehicle at least twice and the problem continues .


    Van is almost always vehicle number 402.

    I would like to see this problem resolved.

  • 100 Block W.Price Street Philadelphia, PA 19144 - Germantown
    Save A Lot property that borders on Price street is never cleaned for weeks with trash load of litters that blows all over the street. Responsibility of the store to have it cleaned at least 3 times a week if not daily.