latrobe drive and wendover rd

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too many accidents on this street the light doesnt stay red too long cars dont stop they go though the light someone is going to get killed

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  • 6625-6699 East Independence Expressway Charlotte, NC 28212, USA - Idlewild South
    We see several extremely bad wrecks in this intersection by the old Hummer dealership and down by the papa John's pizza. Since they closed off the turning lane going towards downtown at Wallace Ln. Now people have to cross at Wallace Rd and Sharon Forest Dr. Because traffic is so thick at times people are dodging to get across or if people are stopped try to cross and get hit by cars they cannot see. There is no reason for them to have closed off the turning lane at Wallace Ln. just yet. Something has to give or someone (if it hasn't already happened) is going to die from one of these accidents.