City of Madison Heights

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E. Lincoln Ave between John R and Wolverine is residedntial and posted with signs at both ends banning commercial trucks. However, commercial trucks use the street quite regularly.

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  • John R And E11 Mile Madison Heights, MI - Madison Heights
    When turning left(East) at the light, the lane is way too narrow. I have a GMC truck and it is a very tight fit when there is traffic sitting there at a red light.
  • 27001-27117 John R Rd Madison Heights, MI 48071, USA - Madison Heights
    This intersection needs to be completely repaved - IMMEDIATELY - even though I live just east of 11 mile - I avoid this poorly maintained intersection at all costs for fear that I will destroy a tire, or damage the suspension on my car.
  • E. Lincoln Ave. - Madison Heights
    E. Lincoln Ave. in Madison Heights is posted "no trucks" between John R and Wolverine. Front end load garbage trucks coming from the industrial buildings, Fed Ex and UPS trucks making commercial deliveries, and beverage trucks going to the party store all use Lincoln for a cut-thru. Complaints to the city have fallen on deaf ears, as it is in the south end of the city, not the north end.