Three Village, New York

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Any Info On the Roads or accident, or emergencys in the area.

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  • POT HOLE Archived
    2 Franko Lane East Setauket, NY - Setauket-East Setauket



  • 161 Gnarled Hollow Rd East Setauket, NY 11733, USA - Setauket-East Setauket
    Many large, deep potholes on gnarled hollow road. Some appear to be a foot deep.
  • Sheep Pasture Rd Bet Gnarled and Old Town Rd, Setauket-East Setauket, NY - Port Jefferson Station
    Between the light at Gnarled Hollow Rd going east to the light at Old town Rd there are many potholes on both sides of the road . Many are deep . Cars swerve on both sides to avoid them
  • Pothole Open
    103-115 Lower Sheep Pasture Rd East Setauket, NY 11733, USA - Setauket-East Setauket
    Very large pothole. Difficult to avoid and hard to see at night
  • Sheep Pasture Road setauket, NY - Setauket-East Setauket
    sheep pasture before it splits at the light into upper and lower sheep pasture road
  • Lower Sheep Pasture Road Setauket- East Setauket, NY 11733, USA - Setauket-East Setauket
    There are a lot of potholes when leaving Stony Brook University and driving east on Lower Sheep Pasture Road, especially just past the golf course.
  • 536 Pond Path Setauket- East Setauket, NY 11733, USA - Setauket-East Setauket
    A few years ago, Upper Sheep Pasture Road in Setauket was completely repaved. Lower Sheep Pasture Road which was in MUCH worse shape, and is MUCH more heavily trafficked vs. LSP, was left to accelerate its disintegration. In particular, the forked intersection of Pond Path & USP is almost unnavigable. This winter was the final straw - I and others must slow down to 15-20 mph to negotiate its potholes. This backs up traffic, causing a dangerous situation. AT A CERTAIN POINT TOB WILL BE LIABLE FOR BENT RIMS AND BLOWN TIRES.
  • 1 Rack Lane east setauket, NY - Setauket-East Setauket
  • 5 Norris Lane Setauket- East Setauket, New York - Setauket-East Setauket
    Lamp post near the end of driveway of #5 Norris Lane. Light is out. It has a white bulb that was very faint- barely on- should be a yellow bulb like all the other lamp post lights.
    Please replace quickly as its very dark & no lights in the circle- this is a cul-de-sac block.
  • West Side Of North Country Rd Just Past Thompson House Setauket East Setauket, NY - Setauket-East Setauket

    Large flatbed trailer with pallets of construction materials has been left on side of road since before Christmas.

    Update: truck cab has been attached to trailer. Neither have been moved since they first appeared,

  • 13-15 Dark Hollow Rd Port Jefferson, NY 11777, USA - Port Jefferson
    Dark hollow road is in poor condition, potholes are huge.
  • Franko Lane setauket, NY - Setauket-East Setauket
    The storm has been over for 24 hours and not a single plow in my area.