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  • Edmonson Avenue Catonsville, MD 21228, USA - Catonsville
    Edmonson Avenue is a very wide road capable of handling two lanes of car/bus traffic, two lanes of parked cars, and bike lanes. However, there are no bike lanes. I'd like the county to move the parked cars inward from the curb to allow bicycle lanes to be painted between the curb and the row of parked cars. This will protect cyclists from traffic, and from being "doored" by a parked car driver side door opening into the bike lane. This model has been used with great success on 8th and 9th Avenues in Manhattan. At a bare minimum, bike lanes need to be painted so that motorists will pay closer attention to where cyclists are intended to ride.
  • 4-6 Ilchester Road Ellicott City, Maryland - US Congressional District MD3
    The shoulder here is very popular for cycling accessing and exiting the grist mill trail. In one spot, the shoulder gets very narrow. The side of the road bed is also starting to wash away causing a slope, which results in even less of the shoulder being usable. The photo doesn't really show the issue well, but gives the location.
  • 5638-5656 Selford Road Arbutus, Maryland - Arbutus
    Going down hill (southbound) the shoulder is broken up and very dangerous for cyclists. The shoulder is wide, so a motorist might assume cyclists should use it, but there is a very real risk of being thrown of your bike or puncturing a tire due to the condition of the pavement. This presents a danger to all vehicles.
  • Iager Blvd Fulton, Maryland - Maple Lawn

    There is an abundance of speeding down Iager Blvd. This road is in a residential area where families regularly walk and ride bikes. The constant speeding by contractors and homeowners is putting the families who live in this area at great risk. Iager Blvd. is the main road to the back part of the Maple Lawn development and as Maple Lawn continues to grow so will the traffic on this road. A stop sign or other traffic calming device is needed in at least one intersection along Iager Blvd. The community should not have to wait until a tragic accident occurs to resolve a simple issue.

    Proposed stop sign locations: Iager and Mulberry; Iager and Elmwood

  • 5626-5636 Selford Rd Catonsville, MD 21227, USA - Arbutus
    This area has a nice wide shoulder, but bikes have to use the road, because the shoulder is in such bad condition. Traffic turning onto Sulphur Spring makes this extra dangerous
  • 3880 New Cut Road Ellicott City, Maryland - Ellicott City
    Drainage problem is accelerating road surface wear, and in winter, icing over and increasing risk of car and bike crashes. New Cut is a county designated scenic road and is used significantly by cycling tourists, recreational riders, and commuters heading to Ellicott City, and Catonsville.
  • Cedar Lane And Guilford Rd Intersection Columbia, MD - Columbia
    Difficult crossing from Guilford Rd Westbound to Cedar Lane Southbound. Left hand turn across 4 lanes of high speed traffic. This is a popular interesction for bicycle commuters heading to JHU/APL, Clarkseville, and River Hill. Alternate crossing at traffic light via old bridge shown in attached image.
  • 9421 Frederick Rd. Ellicott City, Maryland - Ellicott City

    I witnessed a scary situation last night. I was driving east on Frederick Rd. past the Miller Library when I saw a cyclist attempting to cross the road via the crosswalk (walking the bike). The cyclist was already in the middle of the road. I slowed down to allow the cyclist to cross over. In my rear view mirror, I could see a car approaching from behind, and it looked as though the car was going to attempt to pass me on the right as I waited for the cyclist to cross. I hit my horn to warn the cyclist and the car. I must've scared the cyclist to death, but I was watching the car. The car did finally stop, but I did not think it would.

    I don't know whether a traffic calming choke point or no passing sign would be helpful in this area. A friend of mine also had her vehicle totaled after being rear-ended at the crosswalk after stopping to allow a pedestrian to cross.

  • Sanner Rd Columbia, MD - US Congressional District MD3
    Bicycle commuters heading downhill, northbound Sanner Rd are exposed to gravel from eroding shoulder that could cause a high speed crash. Road surface also eroding at white line markings. Has been broom-swept by the APL Cycling Club, but continues to return.
  • 10800-10898 Johns Hopkins Rd Laurel, MD 20723, USA - North Laurel

    Near Miss: Cyclist exiting circle and in left hand turn lane at Old Columbia Rd. Car on Hammond Pkwy turning left onto JH road fails to yield to cyclist travelling east and cars travelling west. Aggressive driver nearly collides with cars and cyclist.

    Accident: Car rapidly crosses from far right lane to far left lane and rapidly stops to make left onto Old Columbia Rd. Aggressive, high speed car fails to yield to cyclist, overtakes cyclist and rapidly stops in front of cyclist to turn left. Cyclist in left turn lane is unable to stop quickly enough and collides with car. Cyclist suffers broken collar bone.

  • 2815-2817 Annapolis Rd Jessup, MD 20794, USA - US Congressional District MD3
    High speed traffic with no shoulder, and cloverleaf design make this section of 175 very dangerous. Also, the lack of other safe bike routes leaves bike commuters with no good options.
  • Rt 99 Ellicott City, Maryland - Ellicott City
    There are 6 open utility accesses open on Rt 99 from before Mt Hebron to before hilll going to the snowball stand 5 on going West and 1 on going east. Could they have their caps replaced it is an accident cycling waiting to happen. Thank you.