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  • 17th Ave Ne Rio Rancho, NM 87144, USA - Rio Rancho
    Northern Meadows residents use Cherry as a shortcut instead of King and more often than not are speeding
  • Cabezon Blvd And Western Hills Dr. Rio Rancho, NM - Rio Rancho
    This intersection has always been a tricky place to cross from Western Hills across Cabezon Blvd. City has told local residents in the pass that a roundabout would be installed, that was 3 years ago. Something is definitely needed and soon.
  • 500 Blk. Peaceful Meadows Ne Rio Rancho, NM - Rio Rancho
    18/7 barking dogs reported here many times, no one does anything about it.
  • Southern Boulevard Rio Rancho, NM - Rio Rancho
    When is the city going to pave southern boulevard. It is in an apalling condition and isn't doing any favors for motorists vehicles. This has been neglected long enough.
  • Hobbs Dr Ne Rio Rancho, NM 87144, USA - Rio Rancho
    It looks like they tried to clean the Graffiti but you can see it. What else can be done?
  • 3791 Southern Blvd Rio Rancho, NM - Rio Rancho
  • 860 Amethyst Dr Ne Rio Rancho, NM - Rio Rancho
    This punk blond kid and his wife/girlfriend drive up and down Amethyst to and from their house at 860 Amethyst Dr NE in a black Pathfinder and a black Tahoe doing as fast as 60. They've almost hit me twice and even then didn't slow down. They then run stop signs at Saratoga, do 50-60 mph down Saratoga to Rockaway and then go even faster. Could these kids be stopped? If need be I'll testify! I live on Amethyst and have 5 kids, don't need a dead one.
  • Between Abrazo And Idalia On Unser Rio Rancho, NM - Rio Rancho
    How long is the city going to allow those unfinished town homes to sit there abandoned? They look like @#$%, the weeds are atrocious, and there has not been any sign of movement in that area for a very long time. I am proud to be part of Rio Rancho but those make this city look run down. Something needs to be done with those-either finish them or tear them down.
  • 810 Abril Cir Ne Rio Rancho, NM 87124, USA - Rio Rancho
    Need grocery store to accomadate our area because it is to far to travel into town.
  • 1400 10th St Se Rio Rancho, NM 87124, USA - Rio Rancho

    We've visually observed and heard frequent gun use on and around the dirt track ("west mesa" area bordering portions of northwestern ABQ and southeastern Rio Rancho).

    This is very dangerous because it's heavily used by ATV'ers, dirt bikes and motocross riders as well as trail hikers with occupied housing nearby.

    I'm a gun owner and have no issues with other like-minded responsible owners. But this is stupidity at its best and it needs to be controlled.

    While observing and reporting a recent episode to the RR police dept the 'perp' saw me and began firing his handgun in my direction. Idiot! It didn't frighten me because the range was too great but there are other nearby homes where a stray bullet could easily do damage or kill someone!

  • ? Rio Rancho, NM - Rio Rancho
    The school zone for Sandia Vista Elementary means nothing to most drivers in the morning. Everyday when I drive my son to school, there are NUMEROUS people going over the NORMAL speed limit in that area. I worry someone's child is going to get hit by a car.
  • Sara And Medowlark Rio Rancho, NM - Rio Rancho

    Juniper bushes in the SW corner of the intersection block the ability of traffic stopped on SARA to see oncoming northbound MEADOWLARK vehicles.
    Accidents have occured at this intersection.

    Owner of property has been contacted and refuseses to correct situation. (They are a mortuary... draw your own conclusions).